Shining a Light on What We’re Thankful For


Now that our friendly (and only a little aggressive) Halloween competition is all said and done, we are now on to the month that brings people together to be thankful.

Because we are indeed electricity nerds, we will stay true to our nature and express how thankful we are for electricity. Nobody likes to pay bills, and this can be especially hard for things like electricity because it’s easy for us to forget how much it affects our daily lives. We are used to electricity always being there, so we tend to take it for granted.

It’s probably safe to say that nobody alive has ever lived in a time where the concept of harnessing electricity was just a dream (if anyone does remember these times, we want to know your secret!). On our website, we have several blog posts featuring the Professor as he gives us lessons on major events in the history of electricity, such as the making of the first electrical power plant. It’s almost baffling that simple conveniences that we have today were viewed as revolutionary and almost crazy in just the last century. These lessons remind us of how far we have come to get the amazing technology we have today.

Nowadays, many of us are able to control the temperature in our homes, have bright light even late at night, and have access to countless forms of entertainment at our fingertips. Thanks to batteries, we don’t even have to keep our electronics plugged in anymore! These ground-breaking products are so commonplace that consumers rarely even bat an eye, but what would Benjamin Franklin say if he was able to time travel to 2016?

As electricity’s convenience continues to grow beyond our wildest dreams, we are moving on to new challenges like advancing the sources we are able to gain it from. As we continue to master electricity, we are finding more and better ways to get it in more environmentally friendly ways.

It’s safe to say that electricity is here to stay. We are incredibly thankful that we are able to take one of the most revolutionary changes to our world and use it in our everyday lives so much that we forget it wasn’t always there.



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