Shopping For an SEO Company?  Here’s What You Should Look For


In the digital landscape, SEO is an important part of the digital marketing equation. A first page Google ranking can be a big boost in not only your online presence, but also your marketing targets and revenue stream. With people considering just the first few web pages to search for goods or services, topping the search engine results helps with the tough competition and in reducing paid advertising costs.  


But honestly, gaining that SEO honor roll is easier said than done. It is even more daunting if you’re just starting up and marketing isn’t even in your company’s resume. Or, you might be a business veteran but want to gain traction in digital marketing now. The complexities of SEO, including search engine algorithms, can be over your heads and mastering them can take your time off from what you do best. So, outsourcing the SEO work can be the better business decision, economically and strategically.  


Finding the right service provider is quite challenging too. You need to keep your eye on the number of options available in the market to choose the right one. And just like advertising, some of these service providers will pitch results that might be too good to be true. After all, they want to give you something that you want to hear and may win your heart — a first page Google ranking, a drastic rise in website traffic, or a thousand subscribers. But, this isn’t telling you anything of how and why they can do it. So, when looking for an SEO company, it’s important to do your due diligence, take note of the red flags and wear that cloak of professional skepticism.



At the top of your mind should be the guarantees they brag about. Always remember that SEO is a long journey of optimization efforts. It doesn’t take just days or a few weeks to attain and maintain an ambitious ranking or figures. Definitely, it is a red flag if they boast about achieving it all overnight, especially when your current standing is at the low end of the spectrum.  


Core Competencies and Experience

A digital marketing company providing SEO services does not necessarily mean they are proficient in SEO. It might be that it is a new product they offer and you might be an experiment of work that’s not ideal. Be straightforward — ask outright if they have meaningful experience on projects they handled in the past. Ask for references, and not just mere testimonials and case studies that can be easily fabricated by compelling words. An external confirmation is always better than the company’s own words.  



All businesses have limited resources that can handle only up to the maximum capacity. The same goes with an SEO agency. Just because you’re another cash inflow, a service provider just can’t accept you as a client if they know they are biting off more than they can chew. On the other hand, you can’t invest your time and money into someone who can’t give you a full-time commitment within a given timeframe. Upon your inquiry, set your expectations and be frank when asking if they can really provide the service with their current workload. Tell them you’ll understand if they can’t take you, as long as they’re honest with you before the project starts.



You can search the Web for a number of reviews about certain SEO agencies. For one, provides a ranking of SEO companies based on a proprietary score.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also good libraries of both the worst and best testaments you can get. Business directories also house comments, recommendations and reviews.  


This is not an all-in list on how to find the perfect SEO agency, but it will definitely give you more success in hiring the right one. Allot quality time to do your homework, otherwise you’ll waste more time and money with the lousy results only a slouch agency will provide.