Shopping for Shoes- Finding the Right Cheer Shoes for the Squad



Identifying the right pair of shoes is necessary for preserving the health of your feet, knees and back. Regardless of the purpose that your shoes serve, they should always be comfortable and provide the required level of support.

Specialized footwear is designed to facilitate particular activities and advances in shoe construction and the materials that are used ensure that shoes enhance the individual’s performance and mobility. Whether you are a coach, seasoned professional or novice cheerleader, you require appropriate cheerleading equipment that includes cheerleading shoes.

Cheerleading Shoes

Cheerleaders spend a lot of time on their feet and it is essential for them to have flexible and comfortable shoes that they will be able to wear for a considerable amount of time. Cheer footwear should ideally consist of proper support for the arch, good treads, breathable fabric and lightweight. These features ensure that the flexibility range of the feet will not be restricted.

Along with the right shoes, you need to pair them with cheer socks that are determined by the style or specifications of your team. Socks should be absorbent and comfortable throughout the game. Whether you wear ankle or knee-high socks, they will enhance the comfort of your feet and complete your overall look.


The key factor when considering the shoes that your squad needs is comfort. Teams are advised to choose the right cheer shoes that are sufficiently lightweight without compromising on support. These types of shoes are also selected according to the skills that the team usually performs and the teams that are cheered.

Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

Some shoes are designed specifically for either indoor or outdoor sports. A squad that typically cheers for a team or institution all year long will require shoes that can comfortably accommodate different surfaces. Cheer shoes that incorporate finger groves are ideal for stunting flyers because they provide extra stability.

Ankle Length Shoes

Ankle length shoes are suitable for squads that perform a lot of stunts, tumbles and dance routines. Such a team requires shoes that reach the ankle but teams also have the option of high-tops that are designed to enhance stability.

Shoes and Skill Levels

Another important factor for choosing cheer shoes is the squad’s skill levels.

  • Squads that are known for their tumbling skills, for example, need to consider shoes that are specifically designed for tumbling.
  • There are shoes that are specially designed for stunting and they feature finger notches or groves within the heel for extra stability.
  • A young squad with fewer skills may opt for affordable varieties that meet their needs. Beginners or beginning squads that do not do a lot of tumbling or stunting can shop around for comfortable and supportive shoes within affordable price ranges.


Cheer shoes vary in prices that range from reasonable to shoes that offer exemplary performance. High performance cheer shoes feature cushioning for added comfort and extra stability for squads that do a substantial amount of tumbling. Quality shoes are known for stability and designs that aid stunting.  There are several shoe brands that cheerleading squads can choose from to suit your needs and budget.