Should Every Business Start a Podcast?


Every business is looking to make a sizable impact in its own unique way. When we are trying to find an approach that grows the brand attempting something different within a certain field can gather significant attention. While a podcast is something you can do to differentiate your brand, it may seem like a type of content that is already oversaturated. Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing types of content and with more than half of US adults have listened to a podcast in their lives it can be a gamble, but it is an amazing way to grow your business while reaching your desired demographic while personalizing your brand at the same time.


Why a Business Should Start a Podcast

A podcast is, in many ways, a cheap approach to developing a connection with your customers. When you consider every aspect of how you connect with your customers, from email marketing strategies to blogs and other content, as well as the messaging on your website, it is all part of how your business attempts to give itself a voice. And this is where the podcast is slightly different…


  1. It provides a (literal) voice to your brand

When we are reaching out to a customer, we can use a podcast to directly communicate to someone. This is one of the most personal ways to reach out and be intimate with a customer. When we provide video content or a presentation it can be very structured and rigid. But a podcast, even if it follows a general outline, can put a more authentic approach across to listeners to individualize your brand even more.


  1. They increase website traffic

Embedding a podcast onto your website can boost traffic and increase the average time spent on the website. When we consider the various ranking factors set by Google we can use podcasts to our advantage in so many different ways. When we create an episode of a podcast, we can publish the transcripts with show notes as well as related content onto a dedicated page on the website. This means search engines will index this but there will also be a significant amount of backlinks created to other websites and to us.


  1. They can increase your prospects

Many business owners listen to podcasts, and as a result, it is not just about reaching out to customers, but it can be one of the best tools to help you make an impact in the business world as well. If you work in an industry with high customer value, a podcast may be one of the most effective marketing tools. While many businesses use podcasts as a marketing tool to engage with the customer, it is also an important way to engage prospects. When we engage prospects they will tune in and will potentially reach out to us.


  1. It fits into a busy schedule

Anybody that starts a podcast will tell you how much work it is but when you boil it down to its bare bones, it is something that you can do in a very short space of time. For example, if you are the host, you may only need to show up and talk. This is especially true if you are an expert in your industry and subject matter. It is possible to outsource everything else. From transcribing to show notes, editing, and even booking the guests or promoting can be done somewhere else.


  1. They are a great way to reach busy individuals

It is advisable to create podcasts that last roughly 25 minutes, the time it takes for the average commuter to reach their workplace. Right now, we are in a non-commuter time, but this means we still need to reach people quickly. As many people listen to podcasts while doing chores, exercising, or driving, this means it is a great way to reach busy people. Engaging them while they’re doing something else is hard to do. And while every other type of content requires significant attention, a podcast is the only one where someone can multitask which makes it ideal for most people.


  1. You can reach new audiences

The best thing about the podcast is that it gives you the chance to engage with existing customers but you can also reach potential customers who aren’t aware of you. When you host a podcast on a certain subject matter, you may very well find a new collection of listeners. If you are selling children’s items like pushchairs it is a very simple jump over to a parental podcast. It also gives you the opportunity to come across with a warmth that many businesses may not be able to convey.


How a Business Can Make an Impact With a Podcast

A podcast is a vital marketing tool. If you want to make your mark in an industry with 850,000 active podcasts (and over 30 million podcast episodes), you must ensure you have a specific approach to guaranteeing that you make an impact:


  1. Get reliable audio equipment

One of the biggest mistakes people make at the outset is that they can rely on the cheapest of equipment. While in one respect, this is true, if you encounter numerous podcast snobs they will turn off if the audio sounds a bit tinny. Getting mid-grade podcasting equipment until you can afford higher quality is essential. Because it is easy enough to edit podcasts on mobile phones, it is still essential to record it in a good quality manner.


  1. Don’t repeat yourself

It is important to have a plan. While you may put out a podcast in a specific niche saturated such as digital marketing it is vital to guarantee that you are separating yourself. You can do this in a number of ways. For example, you can focus on a niche subject matter by conducting research. Something that doesn’t exist is a potential market to corner. But this is very difficult. In order to guarantee that you are making your mark, you should differentiate yourself by asking questions that have never been asked before. When you fall into the ritual of asking people the same sort of questions, you aren’t bringing anything new to the table.


  1. Focus on the artwork

It is not just a subject matter that will pique people’s interests. You need to look at the overall aesthetic. When you pick artwork it needs to distinguish itself from everything else. When you look at the pictures of the top 10 podcasts on a platform like the iTunes store, you can see a wide variety of aesthetics.


  1. Target a very specific audience

When you are looking to promote a business you may not have a wide scope. For example, it may very well be a local store and this can serve you well. By doing a podcast about local events this can easily create interest in your business but also cover a niche that is seldom seen. Because podcasts operate on such a vast scale delving into the minutiae of smalltown or big city life, it can provide a unique perspective on events.


  1. Focus on a very unique niche, even if it is in a saturated industry

It is very likely that your industry is already covered. But it is possible for you to put a unique spin on a podcast by delving deeper into it. When you work in a business that sells clothing you can delve deeper into the subject by providing fashion advice or focusing on stories behind the fashion designers. All of these little details will make a significant impact in the grand scheme of the podcasting industry. The more niche subject matter you cover, the more interest you will gain from key demographics.


What You Can Learn From Running a Podcast

It is an incredibly beneficial medium to cultivate loyalty with customers and reach a new audience while also demonstrating your expertise in an industry. But running a podcast requires a lot of time and energy, and while it is a key marketing tool, it is important that you only go into it if it lines up with your business goals. Running a podcast is something that many businesses can do and it may very well prove to be a lucrative part of the marketing strand. But when businesses take a step into the podcast world they can do it for the wrong reasons. Many feel that they are doing it purely to cover this one area. But with any company trying to build a bridge between them and their audience, it is vital to ensure that the podcast is actually suitable for your business in the first place. When we run a podcast it can be a very rewarding medium and it can be a lot of fun by encountering various individuals within the same industry. It can help you be creative in so many different and unique ways but it is only beneficial if you feel that it is the best medium for your business to communicate itself properly.