Should you carry a balance on your credit card(s)


It’s funny, I have helped many family, friends, co-workers and customers repair their credit and I always get the same question everytime, “isn’t paying of all my credit cards or some in full going to hurt my score?” The short answer is no! That is that greatest misconception. You should pay credit cards of in full if possible every month for many reasons.

Carrying a balance month to month will increase your debt to ratio, credit card usage, lower your credit score and cost you more money and a lot more depending on your apr better known as annual percentage rate.

There is an art to having and maintaining good or excellent credit and I would love to share a few strategies with you to help you achieve that goal.


Inquiries hurt your credit for up to 24 months from the point you apply for a credit card, car loan ,mortgage ect. To be clear an inquiry is obtained when a person applies for any form of a credit line or loan.

Inquiries can lower your credit score substantially depending on the creditor. The range is anywhere from 2 to even as high as 10 points I’ve seen

The goal is to keep your inquiries at 1 to 3 maximum every two years. That would be ideal and appears good as in reference to your credit score. Anything above is considered fair or poor which is what we aim to stay a was at from.

So word of advice is to know what kind of credit card or loan you are looking for, search down the best apr and ho for it. But remember, although it’s a small part of your overall credit score, every time you apply for credit you are losing points.