Show Off Your Brand In 3 Simple Steps


It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie entering the startup world for the first time or whether you are a veteran of small business, you will want to get your brand out there. With more people within your niche market knowing your name, recognizing your logo, and understanding what your business ethos is all about, the more chance you have of securing more orders and sales. In a competitive market, it can be challenging to work out how you will break through and become a market leader. However, with the right brand exposure this is possible.


Trade Show


A trade show is a fantastic way of getting your brand out there. You may choose to venture to one of the more costly internationally renowned fairs or you might prefer something more local and intimate that doesn’t cost so much money for your first show. Think about the sort of footfall you require. The more niche the trade show, the more chance you have of securing sales. Think about the pitch you are given and do your research prior to attending. To get your brand out there, you need to have it on show in as many places as possible. This means venturing to a banner shop and securing a large banner for your stall. To be visible across the other side of the arena or hall, you need to have a large vertical flag to show off your logo and social media feeds to connect with footfall online.




While freebie bags may seem a tad gimmicky, they do have their pace at a trade show. Everyone loves a branded mouse mat, pencil topper, and magnet. If you work in the fashion industry, consider a free simple white tee complete with customized garment label to show off your brand. Or perhaps a kooky coaster would suffice if you work within the brewing industry. Place your freebies in a branded bag and you have free marketing and exposure of your brand all across the hall space. Merchandise doesn’t just get your brand out there, but it also encourages cross to gather at your pitch. When people see what you are offering, they inevitably want to get closer, you strike up a chat, and you could generate a sale.


Social Media


The most important aspect of brand awareness in the twenty first century is social media. Ensure that your social media feeds link up to your website to drive traffic to your shop pages. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all great platforms to generate follower numbers. Posting content that is relevant and shareable means that more people become exposed to your brand. This gives your venture a real global reach that could see you shipping to different territories. Utilize the power of the hashtag to harness your following and to appear in more feeds of those that don’t follow you. Converse with your potential customers over Twitter using an informal chatty voice and forget the hard sell. This doesn’t wash any more.


Customers are eager to get to know a brand before they part with their cash. Get your brand and ethos out there to maximize your chances of business success.