Showing Our Appreciation with Hand-Signed Cards


As a company that puts a lot of importance on our relationship with our customers and community, we have the firm belief that a nice, hand-signed note still goes a long way. Call us old-fashioned, but it makes us happy to reach out to our community in a personal way. We always enjoy interacting with people and we appreciate that these people take time out of their busy lives to talk to us.

If you are involved with Brilliant Energy in some way, you are likely to get a thank you card eventually. Our usual card recipients are customers who help us help animals (link to PetLovers), refer their friends or remained as committed to us as we are to them (we’ve been serving some customers for almost a decade!). We also mail cards to various other recipients such as contest participants and vendors. The whole team signs new cards almost every day for customers and community members who we value and appreciate. Signatures have become a bit of an art form within the company.

Every August, we go through our own version of the summer games when we sign cards for everyone who has been our customer for five years or more (so, a lot of cards!). This large-group signing takes place over several days as we test our endurance and probably do extra hand-exercises to prepare. This time of the year is when people really come into their own with their signatures, adding their own personal touches like paw prints and other doodles.

We have gotten some awesome feedback from our recipients. One contest participant posted a photo on our Facebook of his dog, Dewey, holding a signed card in his mouth. A customer who received a card wrote a thank-you note in reply, starting a bit of a thank you-off between us and the friendly customer. As much as we love to send the cards, we absolutely love to get replies.

Signing cards is part of our daily company-wide effort to connect with our customers and community. Whether it’s a day for us to sign a lot of cards or only a few, we want each and every customer and community member we come in contact with to know that we think that they are Brilliant!