Side Gig Turning Into A Full-Time Job: Tactics To Grow Efficiently


The number of people with a side gig is growing as one income does not offer a comfortable lifestyle in certain locations. A side gig turning into a main form of income is not uncommon especially if a person has a skill that businesses find valuable. Those with sales skills can work in nearly any niche with companies paying premium for those who seem to close deal after deal. People who have always had a knack for writing can earn quite a bit of money depending on their writing speed and quality almost immediately. There is a huge demand for both digital media and written content with companies willing to pay top dollar to a freelancer that offers quality work and hits deadlines easily. Growing these side gigs does take time but it can be done if you finally want to work for yourself. The following are tactics that will help a side gig grow efficiently.

Turn The Business Profitable Then Put Final Touches On Business

The business being profitable is step number one before putting money into touching up the business. You could have a few clients currently so turn a profit then put money into finishing off the website as well as having professionals design your sales materials. Taking out a loan could be the answer to funding all of this as you have had a proven track record of profitability. Loans for those that are self-employed are easier to apply for than many might think. Those that are self-employed do have options and they are far easier than applying for something like a home loan which those that are working for themselves know is quite a challenge.

Digital Marketing Needs To Be Done Daily

An efficient digital marketing strategy can allow your small business to compete with much larger companies. The one challenge that you will have to face when compared to your larger competitors is not having the option to throw money at problems. Doing daily digital marketing whether it is posting on social media or writing an article for the blog or an offsite publication is imperative. Digital marketing is a process so daily work will start showing results over time. Contracting out some of this work can be wise as certain freelancers can be affordable and get quite a bit done in a day when compared to hiring a few people in-house.

Have A Virtual Assistant Build Sales Lists

Getting noticed when turning your side gig into a full-time job is important as you want to grow a healthy client base for consistent income. The best thing that can be done after joining a freelancer platform to offer your skills is to see if there are any opportunities open for contractors on social media. Having a virtual assistant create sales lists of those that are looking for people to hire and contractors to help them out is imperative. This can allow you to possibly find consistent contract work as a company might rather deal with a freelancer than that of going through the entire process of hiring someone. A sales list or prospect list is important as it can help you focus on finding opportunities to work with certain organizations.

Reach Out To Former Employers To See If They Are Contracting Out Work

For many people that left their former employer on a good note, asking them if they are contracting out any work can be wise. They understand your quality of work and many would rather work with someone they know than a new partner. The bonus of understanding processes at your former employer can make this an incredible match. Communication will also be easy as you will be dealing with your former coworkers instead of people you might have never have met in person.

Offer Discounts For Long Term Commitments From Current Clients

The one thing that everyone needs to do when self-employed is to stabilize their income. Offering current clients that have been working with you for a while now a discount for a long term commitment can do just that. This gives you the ability to make decisions for the good of the business rather than immediate financial needs. Clients more than likely will be fine with a hike in price if happy with quality of work after a two year contract is about to come to an end. With this being said those difficult clients that always seem to pay late or change the scope of the project should not be given these discounts as there margins are already lower than easy to work with clients.

Growing your side gig into a small business is going to take hard consistent work with a focus on offering a quality product/service at a reasonable price. Take the time to assess where you can grow now as you do not want to delay growth or your increased income!