Simion Kronenfeld: How to Effectively Run Real Estate Marketing Automation


When it comes to being successful in real estate, especially in the modern age, it is simply not enough anymore to put all of your effort into a single stream of your career – a successful real estate operation, from each individual member of the industry to the leadership of major corporations, must incorporate all of the latest professional trends and technologies into their work ethic in order to keep up with their competitors. 

Simion Kronenfeld, a seasoned professional in Canada’s real estate industry and someone with decades of professional experience to look back on, is someone who understands this idea well, as his effort to incorporate the latest technologies into his understanding of the market is one of the elements that has helped push his reputation in the real estate industry to the next level. According to Semion Kronenfeld, one of the strongest forces to push up-and-coming real estate businesses to the next level in the modern age is the practice of real estate marketing automation. 

What is Real Estate Marketing Automation? 

The term “marketing automation” refers to the practice of relying on modern technologies to drive your marketing efforts to a higher scope and quality, especially when it comes to digital marketing efforts. Marketing automation includes strategies such as email communication between clients and corporations, as well as social media campaigns and advertising on both desktop and mobile platforms. 

Real estate marketing automation refers to the practice of using marketing automation strategies to push for the growth of your real estate business, whether you are looking to enhance an existing digital presence in your industry or create a new one altogether to establish yourself as a new member in the field. 

Why is Real Estate Marketing Automation Important? 

There are a number of reasons as to why marketing automation is as crucial as it is for modern-day real estate efforts. One of the biggest reasons is the necessity to grow alongside and adapt to the rapidly shifting modern trends of the digital world, as missing the opportunity to be involved in one major change to the industry can quickly evolve into missing out on entire communities of potential clients. 

Another reason incorporating real estate marketing automation into your practice is critical is the fact that it is what sets an average company apart from a great one. Staying on top of modern innovations in the industry, and learning the benefits of incorporating them into your personal work ethic, is one of the strongest ways to truly push your career forwards and set yourself apart from the competition. 

How to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Automation 

Once you have decided to incorporate real estate marketing automation into your practice, one of the strongest ways to improve your efforts is to focus on separating your customer base into targeted groups or marketing efforts in order to make sure you are devoting the resources you need into tailoring your content for their specific needs and interests. Once customers are interested in the particular services you are showing them you are capable of, then it is time to tailor your individual marketing efforts, such as email campaigns, to their areas of interest as well. 

At the end of the day, however, it is important to keep in mind that one of the strongest ways to ensure your marketing efforts are paying off is to remember that you are acting to strengthen your relationship with your customers, and while the time and money you invest into your automation efforts are valuable resources that go towards this goal, they should not ultimately overshadow the care and attention you are putting towards your relationship with your customer base.