Simplify the Way to get the Documents E-Signed with Go-Sign



Are you facing great trouble to make your official documents approved due to fewer authentications of E-sign? If yes, then here is the absolute solution for you. This will make the way easy to get your documents e-signed effortlessly.

If you do not know about the product and have some confusion about its usage, then just pay sometimes and go through this page. This article will let you know about the e-sign techniques, its benefits, usage, and many more.


What is the product?


In this modern era, most of the companies use Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage signature and authorization processes. But, there always lies the problem with the documents which need to print, sign, and then deliver to customers.

Earlier the documents had to be prepared and signed physically, but with our InfoCert GoSign Digital Trust Solution for Transactions & Approvals, companies can digitally arrange, sign, validate and store agreements.

It certainly reduces the time to prepare and sign the documents. It also guarantees the full official value of transactions and signed documents.


How does it work?


It is a one solution application to digitize the transactions and approvals of the documents of a company. It also helps to identify deadlines, urgency, and notification methods. Here we are going to discuss how it works-

  • It will work as a digitization of customer interactions, such as, from view acquisition, to remote contracting to remote contract management.
  • It helps to digitize employee’s working process and HR management within the organization.
  • This application does a great job in business to business process. It helps to get hold of the processes and management of contracts with suppliers and partners.
  • It works as an Internal Approval Process as well. It comes with the value chain and from different locations, which are incorporated with enterprise systems.
  • It can upload documents from different sources, such as desktop, mobile phone, cloud storage, ERP, and many others.


Why does a company need this?


It is a very essential thing that a company needs in this digital age. It supports all electronic signatures clear in the eIDAS Regulation. Let’s have a look below to know why a company needs this-

  • This will help you to get an advanced electronic signatureIt works based on a digital certificate and identify an ambiguous signature. It is a good concession between trust and UX.
  • Its electronic signature feature is suitable for low-risk transactions such as domestic approvals and many others. It is also too easy to use as well.
  • This competent digital signature application works based on an eIDAS-compliant Qualified Digital Certificate concerned by InfoCert. It assures 100% lawful value of a contract.


What are the benefits of this product?


With GoSign, you can progress effortlessly from a partly digital document signature process to a completely trusted end-to-end digital approach. It makes simpler both internal and external processes. It can also control mobile devices and access people working away from the office. It also helps interact with colleagues or customers easily. There are some more benefits of this product mentioned below-

  • It immediately executes your decisions very promptly.
  • An entirely paperless process.
  • Helps to sign documents as per your convenient time and place.
  • This product has full legal and regulatory conformity.
  • It is an easy-to-use solution with full authorized value.
  • Its signing processes expanded to customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • It reduces the risk of unauthorized signatures and transactions.
  • It has efficient geographic coverage without having any physical resources.
  • Reduces time for significant approvals.