Six Outsourcing Rules Your Business Needs


One of the best things that a business can do is invest in outsourcing. A business leader has a lot to do, and trying to do everything is not the best way to do business. By outsourcing, you can free up your time and start to spend it in the areas of your business that really need it. Outsourcing pieces of your business also saves you money and allows you to be better supported while you try to run things.


The thing is, outsourcing investments come with rules. If you’re outsourcing your computer services, you are trusting a whole team of people that you don’t know to keep your business secure. There are plenty of outsourcing services out there that you can use to support your business, but getting the most out of that outsourced team is the goal. So, let’s take a closer look at six rules your business needs when it comes to outsourcing.

Have Clear Expectations

You are hiring people to work your IT or your branding, and that requires you to outline what you want as clearly as possible. It doesn’t matter why you are hiring someone, it matters that you are as upfront as possible about what you consider to be efficient work. You need to be on the same page as people who are working for your business. You need to work with your outsourced team to map out a contract including expectations on time frames for work to be completed.

Go With Who You Know

It’s nice to speak to outsourced companies, but what about the people in your own network? If you know people who can help your business, think about negotiating a great fee with those people and utilizing their expertise. Sometimes, this can work out better for your business budget when you go with people you know. You can often find private outsourcing specialists when you look beyond companies offering a similar service. You need to grow your business, and you want to save money by avoiding hiring someone full time. You can still do all of that when you are looking within your own network.

Pay Your Tax!

You may not have to hire someone and pay their taxes through their work, but you need to discuss with your financial team the rules pertaining to federal and state law in regards to paying freelancers. Often, a larger company will sort this paperwork for you, but you need to know your obligations if you are going to do it all yourself.

Be Patient

Often, computer services and other outsourced services are sent overseas to be managed and completed. It’s the beauty of outsourcing that you can cast a wider net for your talent. You can go global when you outsource, but you need to be patient about it. Time zone differences and language differences can be difficult to overcome when you go overseas, but this is where patience comes in. You can remain pleasant and efficient while you are working with overseas outsourced businesses. It takes time to get it right when it comes to choosing the right outsourced services, so give yourself the time to find the right one. Remote staff around the world are clamouring for work, and you can – with patience – learn to communicate with the best!

Be Fair With Pricing

When you are working to a budget, it’s tempting to pay as little as possible. The thing is, you want to get the best for your money without going too cheap. When it comes to outsourcing, you are trusting people that you barely know to work on your business. You don’t know how they work and what their style is and you don’t get to micromanage the way that they do things. You choose outsourcing to avoid all of that. So, don’t try to insult an expert by undercutting their prices. Cheaper is not always the best thing to do here, and while you can negotiate, don’t be insulting!

Start Small

Lastly, if you’re still not sure about outsourcing, think about going small and sending out a test job to be completed. Computer services are necessary, and you can start with a small piece, such as software management, and then grow your relationship so that they are working bigger pieces of your business. You need to know that the people you choose are competent and efficient in their time management and their expertise.


Outsourcing could be the best thing that you do for your business – why not look into it today?