Snorting Chocolate and An App For Farts?!?

Courtesy of Fox News

Today was my last day as an intern for The Price of Business and The 3 AM Ego’s. It has been a good experience and something that I will miss a lot. Our topics for today were a new way of experiencing chocolate and a new social network that will make you shake your head.

Our first story comes from the Huffington Post, where a Belgian chocolatier has found a new way of tasting chocolate… snorting it.  Dominique Persoone has developed a catapult like  device that literally shoots chocolate powder and other spices up your nose. Persoone says that its a great way of tasting chocolate because of your nose’s ability to detect flavors and scents. Obviously, doctors advise people not to snort anything because of long term damage.  We, 3 AM Egos, could not believe this is real and would rather experience chocolate the old fashioned way, by eating it.

Just when you thought you’ve seen every social network out there, here comes a new one for everyone’s favorite bodily function, farting. Fartners is an app where you can “share” your farts with friends and celebrities. There’s even a news feed full of farts. It’s truly an app that’s for a-holes.