Some Dental SEO Trends Of 2019 Are Moving Towards The Realm Of 2020


Just like with any other industry, the dentistry field is always up with higher competition. No matter how difficult it might seems there are some proven ways in which you can make your clinic stand out in the crowd. It’s true that simple SEO techniques are all that you need to help get better business flow. You will end up with more patients than usual, which will boost your practice to yet another level. However, there have been some 2019 trends, which the SEO experts followed wholeheartedly for their dental clients. Some of those trends turned out to be pretty popular among masses and have gladly moved into this New Year 2020 as well. So, get along with to learn more about those continuous acts, before getting the best used out of it.

Working with featured snippets:

Google is always looking for alternative ways to work on its look to catch up results in convenient format, which is quite user friendly in nature. Well, featured snippets are those latest changes where a paragraph based search listing comes right at top of the classic blue lists on SERPs. It mainly takes place in response to any question and position that comes to be known as “position zero.”

The common ones in dental search queries will be in question formats. So, getting your website appear into any one of these snippets was your goal in 2019 and should be the same in 2020, as well.

This method sounds easy but it is pretty tough as around 99.58% of the pages selected for such space are picked from first listing pages only. So, you need a solid SEO point with latest tools to ensure that your page gets the spot it deserves.

Search areas have widespread notions to them:

Previously, search was restricted to Yahoo, Google and Bing. Well, you can’t say the same for this year and even for 2019. It is true that Google actually holds a whopping 73.7% of the search engine based market share. But, things have changed over couple of years and now the search is not quite restricted to these search engines. Google doesn’t always have the answer but will show you what seems relevant to your question.

But, you have some other search functions to give a try for complete answer. Those options are Voice Assistant Devices like Google Assistant, Alexa and more, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They have their separate search functions as well.

Learning about the Bert algorithm update:

The BERT update from Google is talking about ways to improve present understanding of Google’s context of words whenever used in some complex search queries. This update with the RankBrain one from Google is now placing some more important to ensure that the intent of user is proficiently met. So, ensuring that you have well-written and intent led content on dental website is always important and more than even this year.

Checking out the norms beforehand will help you big time, whenever you are trying to grow your dental business well.