Some Tried and Test Methods for Increasing Ecommerce Sales Through Instagram Marketing



Instagram is the No.1 social networking site now, which recently announced crossing 500 million active users monthly. Out of this mass, about 300 million daily logs on to their account and also get engaged with the brands which they follow. This puts Instagram on top of the social media marketing ground.


Given that about 68% of followers on Instagram closely and regularly engage with the brands, which is about a 35% higher than the immediate next competitor as Facebook (in fact, both have merged now). Another stat show that the engagement rate as interactions per post per every 1000 followers on Instagram is nearly eight times greater than any other social media platforms used for marketing.


When it comes to eCommerce sales through Instagram, here are some quick and smart methods for the marketers to leverage the unique benefits of this platform.


  1. Automate and repeat your core marketing efforts on Instagram


The users on Instagram who are largely brand conscious and like their favorite brands to be a part of their interactions. It may be large time consuming if you have to develop everyday content from scratch to ensure user engagement. You may also find it difficult to timely respond to comments and queries through Instagram and also build relationships with the potential engagers.


Batching is the key for eCommerce marketers to perform better on all above aspects. Batching calls for completing as much of volume task than you do in several sittings. It can efficiently improve productivity and also eliminate the transition time to be more focused on the task at hand. The tasks, which you can batch and automate include:


  • Follower content: ensure that your content is of high-quality and based on the actual need of your followers.


  • Scheduling volume content for a month or so: You can create a month’s worth content and schedule it timely by preloading it.


  • Engaging with followers: With batching and automation, you can also allow time to engage with followers.


  1. Make buying effortless


Sharing good content is just keeping the doors open for your customers to get in and great engagement is up to a good sales tongue, but how does the social media effort end up in real buying? To enjoy tangible results and automatic Instagram likes, you need to smoothen the funnel and convert the marketing activities into real sales. For this you need to:

  • Reduce the steps between first engagement and conversion
  • If you have only one product, directly link it to your profile.
  • If there are multiple, then create an appropriate landing page to showcase your projects.
  • You can also change the profile link from time to time based on your seasonal offers or particular products you want to promote for the day.


  1. Boost sales with user-generated content and contests


To make them buy, it is essential to make them feel special. The strategy many of the major brands on Instagram use for this is to promote user-generated content and also engage the users by prompting them to develop content featuring your products and service. You can introduce #hashtag content for this for the users to upload content featuring your products under a particular hashtag for the competition to win discounts or coupon codes.


In fact, there are more innovative ways to ensure that your eCommerce site is properly backed up with social media marketing through Instagram, which we will discuss in the forthcoming articles too.


Author bio: Mathew Weller is a blogger and internet activity who takes initiatives to educate the internet marketing newbies to adapt to the nuances of the marketing strategies like automatic Instagram likes and social media don’ts etc.