Soundlazer VR – The Virtual Sound Cloud


Tell us about your business

Richard Haberkern is the CEO of a Kickstarter project known as Soundlazer VR, a new directional speaker that will change the way you listen to music.  Through this product the user will be able to immerse themselves in a private cloud of sound enabling them to listen to their favorite songs like never before without disturbing others around them!   Richard has already  found success through Trackstick, a GPS tracking and data collection device which has been used by governments and private organizations worldwide to reduce terrorism and crime.  With over 11 years in the business Richard, continues to prove his worth as an inventor and innovator through his Soundlazer project with over $50,000 already pledged so far.

Biggest Influence

My wife! – to explain, I was a film and TV cameraman/producer before becoming a full time inventor. She told me I was a better inventor and should start pursuing it. She has supported and pushed me hard along the way to this career path -Richard Haberkern, CEO

Key qualities in a team

Richard Haberkern, is a hard working and very self aware man.  He knows what he is striving for and is aware of what he must overcome to do so.  Due to this mentality he encourages his team to never settle and push themselves.

I expect those that work for me to never accept where they are and always look towards the future.  Tomorrow comes quick – Richard Haberkern, CEO

Words of Advice from Richard Haberkern

Dream big but prepare for the norm. Unfortunately, too many inventors/creators think that their idea is “the one”. I know from experience that you never know what is a good idea or a bad one. You just keep trying and move forward. Without failure, you can’t have success.


Edited By: Dennis Guerrero PR Agent
Edited By:
Dennis Guerrero
PR Agent