Stacy Erickson, Owner of Home Key Organization by Super Julie Braun


About the interviewee:

Stacy Erickson is a professional organizer who stumbled into getting people’s social media organized when she learned that small businesses didn’t have any affordable options for keeping up-to-date.  She started Home Key: Organized Social Media in 2013 and now manages social media for 25 clients on a monthly basis.  She also consults with small businesses on social media and provides social media staff training.

Tell me about your company:

Home Key: Organized Social Media was started in 2013 about a year after Stacy started her home organizing businesses.  She grew to love networking, and when following up with people on social media, she realized that a lot of people had out-of-date Facebook pages.  As a small business owner, she understood that people weren’t updating because they didn’t have time–they started their business to do what they do, not update Facebook.  However, Stacy learned quickly how an out-of-date web-presence can, for the lack of a better word, make you look super flaky to your potential customers.

When talking with many small businesses about social media companies, Stacy learned a couple of things:  people were either trying to do social media themselves within the company and not succeeding, or they had hired a big company to do it who really hadn’t explained things clearly, charged them a bunch of money and now they weren’t seeing any work being done.

Stacy realized that there were so many tools out there to make social media efficient, and that she could use social media scheduling software to keep businesses up to date without charging them an arm and a leg.  In the social media world, there is a lot of controversy about scheduling.  She took a different approach–when you’re a one-person window washing company, you don’t need an organic, complex post going out to every social media channel.  Your clientele generally doesn’t check all your platforms and judge you for what goes out.  Most of your leads aren’t coming from social media, anyway.  By having my company schedule your updates (one every other day–15 per month) you’re able to keep your pages looking professional and up-to-date to the tune of just $75 per month.

Right now, Home Key is growing like crazy.  Stacy likes to think that part of that is because of her–being the face of her company, She is much more personable than some big-box social media company charging money for work that you’ll never see.  She tries to make it easy and fun for clients.

What type and size of companies do you have as clients?

Right now we have mostly one-person businesses.  We have a lot of contractors and home services, which is perfect for her.  These people get most clients through word of mouth, so when a friend is recommending them via Facebook or Twitter (which is so common now!), a quick “@” tag to the business directs them to an up-to-date, professional social media page.

What makes your company unique and different from all of the other social media companies?

We are very transparent. We don’t tell people that we’ll make them a million dollars or get them tons of sales or engagement.  We tell them that we’re going to get them up-to-date efficiently.  Of course, there are the side benefits of how social media ups your ranking on Google, etc–but we really just try to focus on how having a current online reputation boosts their professionalism.

We also doesn’t know many social media companies that are affordable for a one-person business. We like working with the small companies–and honestly, don’t have the knowledge or desire to do big box stuff. We want to help small businesses connect with their clientele in another way.  We also want to make social media accessible and not QUITE so scary.

Why is it important that your business exists?

People take social media SO seriously.  Stacy likes to think that she brings the fun, but also makes it practical.  Everyone gets so overwhelmed by trying to do the right thing–use the right hashtag, the right formula, the right words.  Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that they stop posting all together–and what good does that do anyone?  She lets people know that the more they freak out, the more intimidating it gets, so it’s important to keep calm and focus on consistency.

What are your favorite words of wisdom?

Don’t be afraid to work your personality into your brand.  The more you let yourself come out, the more fun you will have and the more clients are drawn to you.

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