Starting Your Business In Perth, Australia


Famous for its pristine beaches and endless sunshine, Perth has also established itself as one of Australia’s and the world’s foremost business hubs. The city offers the right mix of urban lifestyle and outdoor adventure opportunities for people of all walks of life. Perth also showcases cultural shows and landmarks, the origins of which may be traced back to the Noongar people — the traditional settlers of the region before the colonization in 1829. All these make the city a perfect site of your upcoming business.


Why Start Your Business in Perth?

A lot of factors need to be considered when starting a business. Demographics, accessibility and economy are the three important considerations. At Perth, you can enjoy all these and more!

  • Perth’s workforce is relatively young. Whether you’re looking to hire talented people or ensure a solid customer base for your business, Perth can give it you. Millennials dominate the city’s population, which means you can easily establish a vibrant and proactive team to help your business grow. Or if your business looks into tapping the millennials as its customers, you can also easily pitch services and products that suit their lifestyle.
  • Perth boasts of its talented and educated community. More than half of the city’s population completed a Bachelor, Vocational, and Higher Degree. So if you’re planning to hire local staff at Perth such as business lawyers from Steinepreis Paganin lawyers, you can gather a team of competent and professional employees in no time. Just post apt ads to get the city’s professionals, managers, and technicians lining up your office for an interview.
  • The Government proactively provides financial support to business owners, either for starting up or enterprise growth. Perth offers business grants and sponsorship to qualified entrepreneurs. You can apply for a financial support of up to $3,000 if you qualify for the Small Business Grants, which you can use for skill building, expansion, and other business initiatives. Entrepreneurs can also apply for the Business Improvement Grants, Business Event Sponsorship, or the Industry / Sector Development Sponsorship.
  • The city provides business resources and guidelines to start up the right way. Aside from funding assistance, the government of Perth also stipulates unique standards for proprietors and makes these clear by giving different guidelines for operations. You need to tick off all the items in the proposed starting a business checklist, present a business plan, and submit a start up cost and source of funds.


Looking at the Lighter Side of Things

Perth’s growth numbers don’t lie! As a business owner, you can surely find the community conducive to your growth initiatives. But on a lighter note and the numbers aside, Perth also has several entertainment hubs, pristine beaches, and nature parks to boast. All these make the City a perfect getaway for people, tourists and locals alike. But what does it have to do with your business?

  1. You can treat your team to an occasional team building around the city. This means boredom is an easy foe to defeat. Friday night-outs and monthly team building at one of Perth’s luxurious hotels would be more than enough to relieve your staff’s stress, helping them get ready for another week or month of corporate grind.
  1. You can participate in cultural events for better market visibility. At Perth, there are lots of festivities and celebrations for every season. During the summer, for instance, you can tag along your team and hit the beach during the Perth City Festival of Christmas. Or, you can join the Margaret River Gourmet Escape that features the region’s best wines and foods during the spring. During the autumn, you can help promote environmental awareness through participating in whale shark watching and surfing events. And instead of skulking inside the office due the extreme cold, it would be practical to set up booths inside the malls for the City of Perth Winter Arts Festival. All you need to do is come up with the right ads and promotional materials to get noticed.


With the city’s bustling millennial community, tourist attractions, and supportive government, Perth is indeed one of the perfect places to start a business. Whatever type of business you’re going to open and whatever industry you’re in, there’s certainly a place for you here at the “City of Lights.”