State-of-the-Martial-Art Training Sportsplex Super Dojo Opens in Northwest Houston


15,000 Square Foot Defenders Martial Arts Academy to Instruct Defenders

Tomball, Texas (March 17, 2017) – The Grand Opening for Defenders Martial Arts Academy is being planned in Tomball with the help of the Tomball Chamber of Commerce and many soft launch
“Meet and Greets” with local leaders  in the months of March and April.


Sports Businessman Gordon Scheele and Master (4th Degree black belt) and Multi-national Champion and Internationally recognized Martial Arts Instructor Lance McDonald have teamed up to provide a facility that provides next-generation direction and oversight to those seeking to sharpen their training by developing their skills in self-defense and a broad variety of martial arts techniques.

The well-planned facility includes a traditional Asian-style entrance and 4,000 square foot store-front offering homage to the great martial arts fighters and their warrior ethos, honoring military and community service, discipline and honor.  The setting offers hints of the advanced training resources this place affords,  state-of-tech competition mats, equipment, uniforms and belts; however, a short walk to the back reveals a Yoga and/or warm up room with mirrors, lobby area for guests, and breath-taking 11,000 square-foot one-of-a-kind super dojo that features a professional kick-boxing ring, an Octagon fighting cage, weight training area, 25 training and workout bags and mat dummies, and more expansive kumite (martial arts freestyle) areas.

“I have watched what martial arts can do for both young and old, and love the community we have come to know,” says Mr. Scheele, “I wanted to leave a legacy in Northwest Houston and am looking forward to growing our business with Lance who is an amazing and respected martial artist leader.”

Breaking Limits

“Our facility is not just a physical place to train, we also offer the use of photography, go-pro cameras, and produced content to share with and to improve our novice and advanced students,” says Lance McDonald, recent Texas A&M University tournament champion. “The sportsplex is perfect for those who have trained before and want to refresh and retune their martial arts dexterity, regain fitness, and agility and helping to human traffic resist and bully-proof young students and families,” said Lance.

The Defenders Martial staff has 75 years of combined championship experience. Defender Martial Arts Academy provides training in general fitness (diet, stamina and weights), Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga, Grappling, Taekwondo, Karate, and cardio kick-boxing.  Basically, if a student wants to learn it, Defenders has access to trainers and experts who can provide it.

Accept the Defender’s Challenge: Tour the campus, meet a coach, take free lesson, and join the academy.

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