Stewarding A Passion? Why Blogs Are More Than ‘Blogging’


It can be very tempting to disregard blogs in the modern day and age. Everyone seems to express their opinions on the internet, from social media to simple blogs you can set up for free. If it’s not wordpress it’s tumblr, if it’s not tumblr, it’s blogspot. It seems that any and everyone can begin curating their ideas on the internet, not matter how good, fact based or rational they are.


This has given blogs a bad name. Without a professional website to lend your ideas some form of credence, it can seem like you’re talking to a brick wall if you hope to establish a new and profound manner of doing things. However, this is, of course, an absolute illusion. Blogs can be much more than ‘blogging,’ in that they can often escape the commonly held ideas and willingness to disregard. This is especially true if you steward a passion. Expressing yourself can be something that allows for a major and excellent means of gifting advice, tips, feedback amongst many other things. There is good money to be found here also. Here’s how:




The world is starving for more personal, curated content. This means that providing your professional, well-researched opinion is more than it has ever meant in the past. In the world of 140 character conversations and partisan journalism, having something that speaks to the down to Earth hobbyist or fellow passion-sharer can mean everything. This is true for the individual as it is for businesses.


With the use of professional WordPress developers, your business could frankly talk to your audience with a sense of truth and belonging, allowing you to conduct free and easy client loyalty exercise as well as marketing your goods. You can also open this up to affiliate marketing or SEO, allowing you to raise your product higher in the Google search rank charts. Blogs can be professional, but only if you inject them with the interest that passion often brings, no matter what group, individual or anonymous identity you choose to present and be part of.




People and businesses grow. This tactic is being used more and more to allow people to follow someone’s journey. For example, the willingness to show an entire thought process, product development or business establishment will often help people root for you. This might mean that your entire business history, being curated and explained by the leaders of a business, can do profound work for customer outreach, no matter what business chooses to inject this.


The reachable, connected format allows people to also contribute their thoughts to the business content offering, and when this is well moderated provides a wonderful platform for long form discussion with your clients and customers. This is a much more thoughtful, refined and worthwhile place to conduct simple communication with your customers, outside of simple restricted tweets or replying to reviews on social media. This way, people can see the thought process your firm operates under, and can either compliment or challenge it.


No matter what form of individual, what level of business or what program you have running, consider blogging about it. With the right development, this could be the hub of all thought process, allowing people from all around the world the chance to learn of you and understand your mission.