Struggling With Productivity In 2020? Here’s How To Handle It


Most businesses have had to make the move from office to home working this year. This means that many employees have been upended, thrown into the scary WFH universe. This isn’t what they signed up for, but it has been unavoidable for many businesses, across all industries in 2020. If your business has made the switch but has found that it has had a negative impact on the productivity of your business overall, here are a few ways to handle it. 


Encourage Self Care Morning Routines 

Rather than hop out of bed and encourage your team to start work right away, encourage self care morning routines. They may not have to take public transport or rush out of the door anymore, but they should still have a routine that helps them get into the right mindset to work. The best way to do this, while keeping stress at a minimum, is a self care morning routine. The self care morning routine is great because it can include things like exercise, a good breakfast, reading, and even meditation. Once the routine is complete each team member should feel happy, calm, and focused. 


Of course, you can’t force them to do this, but you can provide the tools they need to implement a morning routine that works for them. 


Invest in Better Software and Security 

There are so many innovative software options out there that can help your team to save time and power. Not only that, keeping things secure now is more important than ever, especially if your team members may be remote working from various locations, and sharing files and different things with one another. The last thing you want to do is put sensitive information at risk. By ensuring you have up to date software that can save time and hassle, your team should have an easier time working where they want to work and communicating with one another. 

Put The Health of Your Team First 

Your team’s health should come first. It’s a tough time for everybody right now, and some people just aren’t getting the support they need to keep on working effectively. Physical and mental health help could be crucial to keeping your team loyal and working hard for you. A consultant service like could help you to implement better healthcare practices for your team. This might just be one of the best things you do for your business in the long term. 


Invest In Team Training 

Are your team knowledgeable in working from home? Team training could help them to build their own WFH schedules and figure out how to use timeblocking effectively. For many, these things won’t come second nature. 


Get A Business Consultant 

A business consultant will be able to take an objective view of your business and tell you how to improve. It can be tough to let somebody from the outside in, but you could find that with their advice, you improve tenfold. 


How are you going to handle your productivity struggles?