Stuck in a Dead End Job? Read on to Turn Things Around


Are you stuck in a dead end job that’s not going anywhere and probably never will? Sometimes, you understand this from day one. But for some people, they only notice later in their career trajectory that things aren’t moving. Whatever your situation is, if you’re feeling trapped in your current role, it’s important to take action and make a change so that you can get your career back on the right tracks.


No matter how much you might be despairing right now, things can turn around and you can make a success of your career. Many successful people experience difficulties and drawbacks on the path to success, so your hopes of a good career don’t need to be over. If you take action and go in a new direction, what’s stopping you from achieving big things? Rad on to find out how to turn things around.


List All of Your Skills


The first thing you should do is think about what skills you have. Having done a job for a while, you’ll have picked up certain skills via your experiences thus far. That’s something that could work well for you. Be sure not to sell yourself short regarding your skills because you’ve probably got more of them than you realise. Take a piece of paper and a pen and think methodically about what you have to offer to employers. It’s as easy as that.


Think About How They’re Transferable


Now that you’ve got a list of all your skills, you can start to think about how they’re transferable to new career paths. You might have gathered skills that make you ideally suited to a job in a particular sector, even if you’ve never worked in that sector before. Once you’ve thought this all through carefully, the prospect of transferring to a new career will become a lot less daunting. The more transferable skills you have under your belt, the better.


Enroll on a Course and Start Learning


Enrolling on a course and picking up new skills could be exactly what you need right now. Think about what you want to do and which new career path might work best for you, and then see if there are any affordable courses that you can get onto. Places like might be able to help you out. There are all kinds of options out there nowadays thanks to things like online courses, so it might be easier than you think to learn new things,


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Talk to People and Get the Word Out That You’re Looking for a Job


Getting the word out there and letting everyone know that you’re looking for a new job can be really helpful because you will find people telling you about job opportunities that you would probably never of heard about. Of course, it probably best if this doesn’t get back to your boss until you’re ready to quit your role. However, there’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to get the  ball rolling.


Transform Your Resume


Your resume is what potential employers will judge you on, so before you start applying for new roles, it’s important for you to overhaul your resume and make it slick and impressive as it possibly can be. Add all the skills that you’re capable of bringing to the table and make sure you don’t leave a single thing off because it could make the difference. There are even professional services out there that you can use if you want your resume to be at the top of its game


Research Your Options


A bit of research can stretch a long way when it comes to searching for a new career. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you go any further. With the vast range of options out there, you can afford to make assumptions or dismiss options that might actually turn out to be right for you. Thanks to the internet, you don’t even have to get up off your chair to do this research, so find time for it.


Be Prepared to Start at the Bottom of the Ladder is High


There’s nothing wrong with having to start at the very bottom in your new career. Of course, it all depends on how high the ladder is and where it leads. With patience and hard work, you should be able to climb the ladder, which is what you feel isn’t possible in your current job. So don’t rule out the prospect of starting small and growing gradually all the time. It’s what many people do before getting to the very top.


Prepare for a Bumpy Ride


Career changes are rarely smooth processes to go through. Things go wrong and you’ll have unexpected problems along the way; you might even experience some nice surprised if you’re lucky. That’s always how it is and you just have to weather the storm. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but that’s not a reason for you to keep things how they are right now. It’s simply not necessary to let a fear of the unknown hold you back.

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When the Time is Right, Quit!


After all that, all you need to do is plan when and how you’re going to quit the dead end job you’ve been feeling stuck in. It’s important not to do this too soon before you have other plans in place. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with no income while you search for a new career. It’s up to you to plan this out and think about it carefully. It’s important not to leave things too late either because you might end up losing your nerve and falling back into your old routines again.


That dawning realisation that you’re stuck in a dead end job is never a nice feeling, but don’t be tempted to simply bury your head in the sand. If you do that, you will only get more deeply entrenched in your current situation. Instead, take action with the help of the guide you’ve just read.