Successful Environments: What You Need In Your Office Setup To Cultivate Best Practices


Around 79% of professionals say that the quality of their working environment plays a big factor in their job satisfaction and productivity, according to Barry P. Haynes of Sheffield Hallam University. If you’ve got a business or you’re working for yourself, creating an ideal office environment is a must. So what do you need in your office setup to better cultivate best practices?

Less Clutter 

There is an established link between clutter and procrastination, as seen in a study published in Current Psychology. Having too much on a desk or in the space around you can overstimulate your brain, making you unable to focus on the task at hand, and slowing down your projects. A good way to improve this is by cutting out sources of clutter like wiring through a wireless keyboard and mouse. Wireless hardware ensures that you won’t have to worry about wires and you can keep your desk neat. There is also the added bonus of mobility, so you can just pick them up and move your office setup whenever you please. Also, wireless technology has come a long way, and there are some that professional gamers use that do not consume a lot of power, allowing users to save on electricity costs. You can also establish a better inventory system with proper shelving. Having a clear spot for everything reduces the risk of clutter build-up later on.


Multiple Monitors

A good 80% of employees believe that a larger monitor would positively improve their work performance, according to Forrester. Further studies from Wichita State University found that multiple screen usage enabled employees to finish tasks faster and more accurately, as there was less need to switch between windows, programs and tabs. So if you’re aiming to minimize errors in reports, you can make use of large monitors or multiple monitors on office desks. If you have a home office, you can dedicate another monitor for a movie or anything that can help you avoid burning out.



Multipurpose Printers

The average employee prints about 10,000 pages each year — something that can total $725 and higher, according to the Sierra Club. This is wasteful, and depending on how many employees you have, the total cost can be staggering. A good way to do away with this and promote better savings is through a multipurpose printer. Printers that are also scanners, copiers and fax machines eliminate the need for other machinery. There are also variations of all-in-one printers that are continuous ink systems that can cut down the cost of printing by 96%. There are several brands that offer multipurpose printers, including Epson, HP and Brother, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.



For an enterprise to espouse best practices, it needs a good environment as the foundation for them. It would be best for you to look over your office setup and ascertain which elements are still lacking. Applying them can give you, your employees and your business a better chance of being more productive, healthy and profitable.