Successful Online Marketing Campaigns That Actually Work


When logging into your email account, you probably come across a few unsolicited emails every day and wonder if those advertising methods actually work. Unsolicited campaigns, often called spam, have a very low rate of return. Thousands of people view those emails and delete the messages without clicking on the title. They worry about hackers stealing their private information or viruses inside those emails damaging their computers. While unsolicited email campaigns do not work, there are some successful online marketing campaigns that actually work.

Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is a type of email marketing that works far better than unsolicited emails do. When you hire a company that specializes in email marketing campaign services, a specialist will work with you to determine your needs and then create email ads tailored around your company and needs. Instead of sending those emails to people who never used your services before or have no interest in your company, you can tailor who receives those messages. Your specialist will even share data with you that shows you how many people read those messages and visited your site or made purchases.

Social Networking Ads

Facebook lets business owners purchase ads that run on the sides of pages. The best thing about using Facebook is that you can actually tailor who sees those ads. Instead of wasting money targeting people who live on the opposite side of the world, you can arrange for only those within 30 to 60 miles or less from your business to see those ads. You’ll also have the option of targeting those ads to certain genders or age groups. Twitter and other social networking sites let you create ads as well.

Affiliate Blogs

Online reviews from customers can increase your profits and sales almost overnight. If you sit back and wait for those shoppers to start writing though, you may miss out on a valuable opportunity. Affiliate bloggers are those who write about specific products in exchange for a portion of products sold. The contact between the two of you allows that blogger to write about a product and list an ad on his or her website. When a reader uses that link to purchase an item from your site, you give the blogger a percentage of that sale. While you might lose 10% or more of your sales total, you might make more than ever.

Promotional Giveaways

Relying on other sites and individuals for help can increase your profits, consider using your own site as a way of advertising your products. Use Facebook, Instagram and other sites to inform followers about promotional giveaways you run. This giveaways let shoppers enter contests to win free products without spending a dime. Every time that they share one of your posts, you reach at least one person who never bought from you before. Using these online advertising and marketing methods lets you reach thousands of customers or more to increase your company’s sales and profits.