Susan Ahlstrom J.D.


It’s that time of year when we are supposed to pause and be joyful, and celebrate with
our family and friends. Whether it’s during a holiday dinner, or at an office
party, or over hot cocoa on a Sunday afternoon, we want to eat, drink and be
merry and gift giving is a part of the tradition. While we are certainly not
master shoppers or fashionistas, we do have two basic gift rules that we ask
everyone to follow:  watch the cost and
look for products made in America.

We always want to acknowledge our loved ones but we refuse to buy multiple gifts per
person because we believe one or two gifts are enough. We are still in a
recession, and even if we were not, there’s no good reason to buy a pile of
cheap items instead of one or two quality gifts. So, we looked around for and
found great gifts ideas that are at every different price point and all made
right here in the USA (listed in no particular order!).

(Hot) chocolate on a stick – made in San

Soapstone “ice” cubes used to chill not dilute – milled and crafted in Vermont

A lot of different items on sale from the “Main Street Revolution” on – a clever way to promote US made items on a popular discount

4.New Balance sneakers – mostly made in the USA (you need to read the fine print).
They are making an effort

5.For the best woolen blankets and throws, period. Pendleton, made in Utah

6.The All American Clothing Company – need
we say more?

7.Fineoutdoor wear for men from Orvis

8.American Apparel is made in Los Angeles in their “sweatshop free” factory

9.Clothes for baby and mom made from bamboo (china sourced raw material but they tell a
good story about that) made in South Carolina

10.Find an accessory for virtually any teenager

Write a comment below if you have some good sources for made in America gifts that we
missed. We’d like to learn about your favorites!