Syncsort CFO Krish Venkataraman Discusses Data Benefit and Operating Costs on Price of Business


Syncsort CFO and COO Krish Venkataraman joined Kevin Price and Co-host Jason Smith on the Price of Business to discuss how data can benefit the bottom line in managing the operating costs in business. Syncsort is a global leader in high-performance, “big data” software. Mr. Venkatraman, who was also the CAO of equities for Lehman Brothers, and has a 20-year record for turning costs centers into profit centers, discussed the concept of “big data”. Syncsort helps clients to unlock the power of data in their companies with minimal overhead while enabling them to sort, access, and integrate the data across different departments within the organization and while utilizing multiple technology platforms.

When asked by Jason “why would a company want to analyze big data?” Mr. Venkatraman highlighted that “data is power”. He indicated that many companies are overwhelmed by data and are not quite sure what to do with it; noting that big data would indeed impact companies over the the next decade. With the right tools and technology, big data can be used to manage operating costs. The previous financial strategist mentioned that when it comes to businesses, “data is power”. The benefit to having access to data increases performance, helps a company position itself and products, and safeguards an organization both on and offline. Technology and data innovation can help to reduce costs while helping organizations run smoothly.

Syncsort software unlocks data automatically to help companies function more efficiently while reducing operating costs. Storing and processing large amounts of data quickly is more economical for companies, producing greater profits. Krish mentioned that Syncsort uses their own technology to acquire assets more efficiently, analyzing acquisitions, and reducing risks that are projected to be less profitable in the future. Listen to Krish Venkatraman discuss the benefits of data to the bottom line in his interview with Kevin Price and Co-host Jason Smith on the Price of Business.