7 Actionable Ways To Get More Leads Without Spending A Fortune On Marketing

No matter what kind of business you run, you need leads. But getting them is always a challenge. People won’t just flock to your business automatically (unless you’re very lucky).    Most businesses wind up going to marketing agencies and… Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Use Google Shopping Ads in Your Digital Marketing

  Anyone who has ever bought products online will have noticed the existence of Google Shopping Ads. As a digital marketing tactic, they have been around since 2010, yet companies are only just starting to realize the benefits. They are… Continue Reading →

How to Use PPC Advertising to Improve Your Business Online

In the modern era of digital marketing, everything became much easier. But, driving traffic may not be easy. Every business owner more or less claims to have been suffering from lack of leads and traffics. PPC or Pay-per-click advertising has… Continue Reading →

Enticing Your Customers to Make a Purchase

Nowadays, reaching out to customers is easier than ever. We’re living in an age of tech where E Commerce reigns supreme and you can make sales to customers around the world, around the clock. But you’re still going to have… Continue Reading →

Twitter and Spotify Enter the Minefield of Banning Political Ads

Twitter and Spotify announced in 2019 that they would ban political ads on their respective platforms. This comes in the wake of the 2016 Russian attacks on the US election, in which Facebook was directly linked to political ads that… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Using Vehicle Wrap Advertisement for your Business

Over the past few years, advertising has undergone a complete change. Rather than spending on online advertising, people focus on traditional ways of getting a product name out to potential customers. Pop up ads or side ads can be easily… Continue Reading →

What Are the Advantages of Solo Ads?

Over the past couple of years, online advertising has gone through a lot of changes. In fact, there’s a time obtaining traffic was simple and everyone can attract targeted traffic from different sources. But the problem is there are lots… Continue Reading →

PPC Tips – Why Your Business Needs To Use SKAGS

If your business is currently running ads to drive leads and customers, changes are your strategy could benefit from SKAGs. SKAGs, or single keyword ad groups, are a proven tactic for clarifying and maximizing the structure of your ads. Here’s… Continue Reading →

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