Curating The Confidence To Commence Your Start-up

While it is now easier than ever to properly develop a startup from the most humble beginnings, having the confidence to do so is not the easiest belief to come across. We know that while businesses can begin with a… Continue Reading →

Getting Started As An Actor – Simple Tips For You

If we hold a certain level of confidence in ourselves and believe in our performative ability, we may try our hand at a range of careers, Modelling, voice acting and acting itself are examples of this, although by no means… Continue Reading →

Inspiring Confidence in Your Clients

When you own your own business, nothing matters more to you than the quality of your work. You work hard to ensure that your clients get everything that they need from you and more. You out-hustle the competition, exceed expectations,… Continue Reading →

Episode 15: SelfDefenseFund.com Feature – Defenders Martial Arts Academy (super dojo)

As part of a continuing series providing information in the self-defense and preparedness community. ┬áBusiness Leader Gordon Scheele goes on the air to talk about Martial Arts and his new super dojo, 15,000 square feet of training facility for the… Continue Reading →

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