Preventing Human Error in Your Business

Human error is expensive and sometimes disastrous in a business, but it can often be prevented. Preventing human errors can keep your business on-track financially and ensure that you’re operating efficiently. The following are some steps you can take right… Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Employees Safe During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives. For businesses and employees, the last 12 months have been incredibly challenging, and the future remains uncertain. As an employer, it’s essential to focus on staying afloat and keeping customers… Continue Reading →

5 Simple Ways A New Employee Can Get Ready For A New Job

Getting ready for a new job as a new employee can be worrisome. Being invited into a new work environment is rewarding. A new job is a proud moment. But, we can guarantee most new employees can agree that it… Continue Reading →

How to Improve the Process of Remote Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees can be a challenge even if your company is doing relatively well in the face of the ongoing pandemic. A lackluster first day at work can set up for multiple failures that ultimately lead to resignation. An… Continue Reading →

Why Entrepreneurship is Better than Being an Employee

Are you worried about your hard duty hours? Or do you get lost in business? If you are suffering from any of the above problems, then you have landed at the right spot. Here you would get info about why… Continue Reading →

Workplace Injuries That Can Cost Your Business

Virtually all employers in most states of the United States are covered by a legally compulsory worker’s compensation program. Even when worker’s compensation is not compulsory, companies often choose to purchase insurance voluntarily and policies typically include Part One for… Continue Reading →

4 Ideas To Boost Employee Engagement

What Is Meant By Employee Engagement?   Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment that a member of staff has to their role and the goals of the organization. Engaged employees care about their business, and their position within it…. Continue Reading →

How To Make Your Employees Love You As A Boss

Many businesses are adopting new styles of leadership and management. Bosses that rule with an iron fist are no longer the norm. These days, a good boss needs to learn to adapt and lead by their actions. The job of… Continue Reading →

Why Your Employees Need a Standing Desk

As remote working becomes more and more popular due to the ongoing pandemic, it can be a concern that much of the workforce is spending their time sitting down at home or even in the office. With prolonged periods of… Continue Reading →

The Most Common Types Of Fraud That Businesses Face

Fraud occurs when an individual poses as someone else for their own malicious gain. Small businesses are commonly targeted by fraudsters. These fraudsters can take all different forms using all manner of strategies. Here are just some of the most… Continue Reading →

4 Key Factors In Choosing Office Space

Your office space is more than just a place to show up and grind out the 9-5. It is the heart of your business, representing who you are and how you work.  Unless you’re a fully remote workforce, you’re going… Continue Reading →

Need Help With Staffing? Here Are Some Tips To Get You Started

If you own a business or manage one, you know that the most difficult thing to find is a good employee. Human resources spend years coming up with various analyses and parameters to make sure that they find a person… Continue Reading →

What Is a Learning Management System?

What Is a Learning Management System? There are a number of programs, software and systems out there designed to help businesses and HR departments streamline and improve their processes. But one that doesn’t get as much press and promotion as… Continue Reading →

Taking Your Online Business To A Whole New Level

Running an online business takes a lot of time, energy and dedication, but the potential pay out for all of these efforts makes it all worthwhile. Reaching a plateau in your productivity or profit despite all of your hard work… Continue Reading →

How Does Your Recruitment Strategy Change In 2020?

‘He ticks all the boxes, but something doesn’t feel right’. You’ve probably said this a lot during your recruitment process. Employees that seem to fit the bill, but they leave you thinking twice about hiring them. They should be given… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Keep Your Payroll Compliant

Payroll compliance can make the difference between a successful business and one that’s bogged down with penalties. Make no mistake; the government, the IRS, and whatever other agencies your company answers to will be keeping track of your compliance. If… Continue Reading →

Improving Your Company Image

Image is everything. In this modern world, there are so many different companies out there. Your business needs to stand out. But if you have a poor image, then this can cause people to take their money and their business… Continue Reading →

Reasons Why A Company’s Best Employees Might Quit

Leaving a company is a huge decision for any employee to make. Everyone knows that there will always be good and bad days at work. However, if your workers start experiencing more of the latter, they might decide to move… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Staff Scheduling Software

Manually scheduling employees in any type of business is widely considered a daunting task. Every week, time is spent on employee scheduling. The more employees the business has, the more complex the scheduling workload will be. For an already overloaded… Continue Reading →

When You Are Entitled For The Workers Compensation According To Law

It is rather important for you to be an employee of the firm with workers’ compensation insurance, if you want to be entitled for the privileges coming with it. Furthermore, it is mandatory that you get injured while at work… Continue Reading →

Exceptions to “At-Will” Employment in California: When Can’t I be Fired?

Getting fired from a job is one of the most stressful and frightening things a person can experience. In addition to the financial hardship an individual faces when they are terminated, losing a job can hurt their reputation and make… Continue Reading →

Why Staff Retention is Critical to Business Success

Staff retention is all about keeping the staff you have in your business and not having to constantly hire and train new employees because your existing staff members don’t stay in their jobs. On the face of it, the principle… Continue Reading →

What Should Business Owners Know About Workers Compensation Fraud?

According to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers compensation fraud costs American employers, consumers, shareholders, and employees around $7.2 billion a year. This is a staggering amount of money, and it can cause business owners to take notice…. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Online Employee Training

Whether it is soft skills development, orientation, onboarding, or compliance training, among other types of training programs, doing it online is the way to go. Online training programs deliver a plethora of benefits, including those mentioned below. It is Accessible… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends and Tactics for 2019

Employee engagement research supports what many of us in the corporate world already know: employees are more engaged when their inputs are valued and employers communicate that value in visible and specific ways. As employers ride the wave of technology… Continue Reading →

Who’s The Ideal Employee in 2019?

There’s a strange misconception about what makes an ideal employee. Numerous specialists in business management and HR theories have actively tried to define what traits in a worker are beneficial for the company. As a result, terms that often appear… Continue Reading →

How to Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

Whether you work out of a home office or have multiple branches across the country, having efficient processes in place can make a huge difference. Besides making your business more profitable, it also frees up valuable time for research, networking,… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Successful Sense of Positive Company Culture

The idea of a perfect company culture can sometimes be hard to put your finger on, but most everyone seems to be aware of it when a business offers a positive environment rather than a negative one. In its simplest… Continue Reading →

Changes to Make for Your Business This 2019

The ability to adapt to change, and execute plans and programs effectively is one of the well-recognized elements to keep the business going. Failure to adapt to change may result in great losses and other negative consequences, which any business… Continue Reading →

Employee Retention: How to Keep Your Best Workers

Unless you happen to work for a large, corporate organization, there’s every chance that you won’t be able to offer the bumper pay packages that tend to attract workers from around the world. Of course, what you can offer is… Continue Reading →

Top 7 Benefits of Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is all about making your business workflow more effective and efficient. Today, the business of all sizes and types face intense competition and one has remained competitive to sustain in the market. Right focusing more increasing… Continue Reading →

Understanding (And Reducing) Sales Rep Turnover

If only your sales department was a fixed, unchanging entity, where each member performed at their best and could be relied upon for a long, fruitful tenure. But the world doesn’t necessarily work like that. Instead, turnover is an often… Continue Reading →

Always in Control: 4 Policy Monitoring Principles to Abide By

A common misconception among managers is that employee policy, once devised, is everlasting. You see it when companies hire new recruits and hand them an employee manual written decades ago, with antiquated photos, which refer to technology of a bygone… Continue Reading →

FMLA Retaliation Claims

The Family and Medical Leave Act, FMLA, makes it the employers’ responsibility to give unpaid leave to workers for the adoption or birth of a child.   What isn’t as well known is the FMLA prohibits an employer from retaliating… Continue Reading →

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Employee’s Workplace Stress

  Even if your employees love their job, most likely, they occasionally feel stressed out. New emails keep coming to their inboxes, their managers demand impressive results weekly, and colleagues are always there for constant communication. Such multitasking, when a… Continue Reading →

How to Use HR Data to Move Your Business Forward

  Have you tried a hundred different strategies and you simply can’t get it right? You know your business has the potential to dominate the market but your bottom line doesn’t prove it.   Have you considered looking at your… Continue Reading →

Training: Why It’s Essential in Change Management

Change is an inevitable occurrence within any growing business. Change impacts how people do their work, the circumstances they operate within, and can impact workflow, job roles, management structures, reporting systems, and ultimately disrupt an efficient workplace.   However, within… Continue Reading →

How to Learn From Your Business Mistakes

  Mistakes are bound to happen when you run a business, whether big or small. However, the trick lies in identifying these mistakes and learning a lesson from them. When you know your mistakes, ignoring is not an option because… Continue Reading →

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