What Every Novice Landlord Should Look for in a Tenant

Congratulations on purchasing your first real estate property and looking towards finding your first steady tenant. Many landlords feel both excitement and anxiety when they think about how they are going to actually screen tenants in practice. And since the… Continue Reading →

A Look at The Pitfalls of Voluntary House Repossession

If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments or simply can’t afford to continue paying your mortgage, then you may be considering voluntary house repossession. However, this isn’t the best thing that you can do and has many unwanted repercussions…. Continue Reading →

Bridging Loan Guide: 2020 Edition

If you have ever looked at the types of loans offered by real estate lenders, you may have seen the term “bridge loan.” Most people have very little idea of what this means. Even those who have some understanding of… Continue Reading →

A Money Expert’s Advice to Choosing the Right Bank

When shopping around for a bank, what do you look for before deciding? Do you care about reputation, banking fees or products and services? As the Digital Age has created new ways to bank and has increased super-banking innovation, it… Continue Reading →

Weigh your Options for Better Negotiations to Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

Looking from the buyer’s viewpoint, it is never possible to gauge the complexities of credit card processing because everything seems so simple. Merchants accept the transaction authorized by banks but to receive the payment it takes time which used to… Continue Reading →

How Much your Divorce could Cost your Business: From Divorce Lawyers to Legal Fees

A divorce can be a challenging time in your personal life, but if you’re the owner of a small business then this can complicate things even more. The main issues with this are of course financial, as the potential expenses… Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer During the Initial Consultation

If you have decided to file for a divorce, it’s a great idea to speak with a series of divorce lawyers through initial consultations to determine the right attorney for you. These consultations are intended to give you some insight… Continue Reading →

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