4 Reasons to Use Google Shopping Ads in Your Digital Marketing

  Anyone who has ever bought products online will have noticed the existence of Google Shopping Ads. As a digital marketing tactic, they have been around since 2010, yet companies are only just starting to realize the benefits. They are… Continue Reading →

Google is Now Rewarding Better Blogs. Here’s How to Write Them

When Google’s reps have been asked how marketers can optimize their blogs for the latest algorithm updates, the answer these days has been some version of “Write content for users.” But what does that mean exactly? Does that mean ignoring… Continue Reading →

Some Dental SEO Trends Of 2019 Are Moving Towards The Realm Of 2020

Just like with any other industry, the dentistry field is always up with higher competition. No matter how difficult it might seems there are some proven ways in which you can make your clinic stand out in the crowd. It’s… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why your Business Needs SEO in 2019

If you’re not new into business or digital marketing, you’d already know that SEO is essential. There can be many reasons why you haven’t integrated it into your business as yet, but it sure is vital. You might have a… Continue Reading →

Google’s Latest Responsive Search Ads Language Can Help You Reach More Customers

The Google Responsive Search Ads toolkit released in 2018 has the potential to help businesses grow their customer base. Web marketers and SEO specialists have already started to experiment with it, and the reactions are more than positive. According to… Continue Reading →

The Google Doodle

It has been a culture of the Google search engine to celebrate certain events in life. Over the years a series of people and events have been featured. Most of the Google doodles are quite impressive. A doodle is a… Continue Reading →

East Coast Loyalty Brings Home Two AVA Awards in 2018

Contributors: Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi are regulars on the Radio Talk Show Price of Business & Co-Founders of the multi award winning marketing agency East Coast Loyalty  East Coast Loyalty started 2018 off with a bang by earning itself two AVA Awards on Wednesday, February 1st, for Animation (Digital… Continue Reading →

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