Opening A Modern Medical Facility: 3 Things You’ll Need

Starting a medical business is a substantial undertaking, especially in the modern day when we have been so directly reminded of the threat to our health. To set up a modern medical facility and make it work, you will need… Continue Reading →

5 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Medical Practice Consulting Company

The healthcare industry is a tough arena to work in. Policies and demands are continuously changing. With your busy schedule, it can be challenging to monitor all the fluctuations on your own. In today’s world especially, it is hard for… Continue Reading →

A Guide To Quickly Increasing Patient Satisfaction In Your Medical Business

As more people require emergency assistance at the hospital, wait times are increasing. This means that finding ways to increase patient satisfaction in your medical business is key. If you want to be sure that patient satisfaction is optimal, read… Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Medical Debt Effectively

With the current pandemic situation, tens of millions of Americans are adding significant medical debts. Medical costs continue to rise more rapidly than the economic growth we recently experienced. The percentage of medical expense covered by insurance companies are rising… Continue Reading →

Making Money As A Nurse

It is no secret that nursing can be the most rewarding and grueling profession. Long hours, but filled with people and care. However, many nurses have some student debt as well as needing to balance life and work. Making some… Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Running a Medical Business

If you’re thinking about running your own medical business, there are several points to consider. It’s not enough to hire the best doctors or have the best medical knowledge money can buy. A medical practice is still a business, whether… Continue Reading →

Four Must-Do’s After a Road Traffic Accident

Being involved in a traffic accident is an incredibly scary situation that no one ever wants to go through. No matter how careful a driver you may be, there sadly will always be bad drivers on the road who use… Continue Reading →

Nightclubs: Soft Targets for Terrorists

Guest Article Submission by Dr. Joe Alton, MD of DoomAndBloom.net In an attack reminiscent of the Orlando terror event last year, a popular nightclub became a slaughterhouse on New Year’s Eve when a gunman caused 39 deaths and about 70… Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Dr. Joe Alton, M.D. Guest Feature Bleeding Control Kits – DoomAndBloom.net

Marketing Strategist and Friend of the Show Andy Valadez founder of Marketing Dynamics had an opportunity to guest host for Kevin Price and feature Dr. Joe Alton, M.D. of DoomAndBloom.net, brought to you by SelfDefenseFund.com. In this interview, Dr. Alton describes… Continue Reading →

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