Wearing it the Wrong Way? Here’s How to Wear Men’s Watch

How to wear a wristwatch should not be much of a big deal. After all, we should be free to latch a wristwatch on any wrist we are comfortable with and in any manner. But since wristwatches typically project our… Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Gender Discrimination Issues in the Workplace

Set an example As a business owner and/or member of management, your employees look to you to lead the way. Set the right example by making a daily effort to be mindful in your interactions with employees of different genders…. Continue Reading →

Buying the Right Wallet for Men — Think Like a Businessman to Make the Right Purchase!

  Wallets are essential for men, and there is almost nothing which can impact and influence the first impression of a man as much as his wallet can. If someone is dressed impeccably but does not have a classy wallet,… Continue Reading →

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