A Guide to Some of the Top Cryptocurrencies and the Opportunities They Present

Many people striving for financial freedom are now looking to cryptocurrency and its ongoing bull run to help them reach their goals. But if you’re tempted to get involved in the world of crypto for the first time, it makes… Continue Reading →

The Power of Networking as a Startup

Networking is arguably one of the most powerful tools that business professionals can use to further not just the companies they work for, but also their personal brand. There’s a saying that it’s not what you know, but who you… Continue Reading →

5 Modern Revenue-Generating Opportunities for Stadiums

A modern stadium should be easy to navigate, operate and adapt, cost-effective and of course should be a source of increasing revenue for its owners. This revenue can go towards reinvestment so the stadium can be constantly improved to keep… Continue Reading →

In Times Like These, The Government Should Be Your Customer

To say that these are challenging times would be something of an understatement. We’ve never seen such turbulence in the economy before.    Economists are still divided on which way the economy is going to go. Some see a quick… Continue Reading →

Nailing Your Personal Development

Personal development is important for your career. If you have ambitions, then putting a personal development plan in place can help make sure you achieve them.    Having a personal development plan can help you realize your full potential, and… Continue Reading →

Planning Ahead for Your Legal Career

You may not be able to get out to do interviews right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should put a hold on your legal job search. That’s because the legal job search takes a good deal more than… Continue Reading →

Taking Your Online Business To A Whole New Level

Running an online business takes a lot of time, energy and dedication, but the potential pay out for all of these efforts makes it all worthwhile. Reaching a plateau in your productivity or profit despite all of your hard work… Continue Reading →

Which is the Right Franchise For You?

The world of franchise ownership is a fantastic way for ambitious entrepreneurs to get a taste for business ownership without the typical risks associated with starting a business. It gives them the chance to get their foot in the door… Continue Reading →

4 Tips For Crafting An Attractive Employer Value Proposition

If you have ever hired for a B2B sales role, you will know that it isn’t simply a matter of picking your preferred candidate. Oftentimes, a good sales rep will be in high demand, and the ball is therefore in… Continue Reading →

Jay Peroni, CFP: Becoming a Wall St. Renegade

Chris Kidd, Financial Coach and Contributor on the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) sat down with Jay Peroni, author of The Faith Based Investor and The Faith Based Millionaire, to talk about… Continue Reading →

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