Do Not Take Your Rights for Granted. Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer and Do Not Settle for Less

  Suffering a work-related injury or illness is something that you do not wish to happen, but when it does, you should be able to secure that you have received a just compensation from such injuries and who better to… Continue Reading →

What Rights Do Workers Have In The Modern World

It’s very important for employers but also, employees to know what kind of rights workers have in the modern era of business. No more can employers demand anything from workers, but workers have also had their rights pitted in more… Continue Reading →

How much is the Value of my Mineral Rights?

The question of price is foremost on the minds of mineral rights owners. And it is understandable, considering that they want to get the most value out of their property. A lot of them want to get rid of their… Continue Reading →

A Guide to Understanding Your Rights as a Worker

It is unfortunate but a number of employees aren’t fully aware of their rights as workers. As a result, employers are often allowed to twist and bend the rules to benefit the company. Thus, it is important that each and… Continue Reading →

What is “The Blue Wall of Silence”?

Written by a staff member of SelfDefenseFund.com One of the SDF’s goals is to keep our members informed with knowledge that others will not talk about.  The SDF supports law enforcement and encourages our members to first be polite and… Continue Reading →

How to Talk to the Police and Protect Yourself

Talking with police officers is usually one of the more stressful encounters we have in our lives, and one that we typically avoid at all costs. Even when we’ve committed no crime, it can be nerve racking, but when we’re… Continue Reading →

Episode 3 with CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas: Handling Law Enforcement While Lawfully Carrying a Gun/Gun Free Zones

  Comprehensive professional legal defense membership for individuals, families, businesses, churches, FFL licensees and manufacturers, martial artists, and security/investigative firms. Any weapon. Any state. Any time. www.SelfDefenseFund.com promo code: MA01

Failure to Identify to a Police Officer: Laws & Penalties

Law enforcement officers routinely ask people for their names and other identifying information. Police may ask for the information as part of a specific criminal investigation. At other times, they may need the information to protect themselves, allowing them to… Continue Reading →

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