Dealing With Homesickness As An International Student In The USA

The USA has emerged as the top destination for international students. Every year thousands of students leave their homes to move to this country to pursue higher education in some of the top universities on the 美国大学排名. However if there… Continue Reading →

Why is Cable TV in the USA so Expensive

Estimated in the USA, 94 million people use satellite and cable TV but now they are forced to leave cable TV services due to the constant buy gradual price hikes over the years. The government data analysis suggests that prices… Continue Reading →

US and China Escalate Trade War and Businesses Worry About the Future

The National Retail Federation, which is the world’s largest retail trade association, issued a statement from Senior Vice President for Government Relations David French after the Trump administration announced that current tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods will rise from… Continue Reading →

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