Taking a Cue from Om and Ah – Succeeding in the Fashion Industry


The fashion world is one area of life that continuously evolves as times goes on. It is undeniably at the core of the society’s fabric. Through it, people express themselves, showcase their cultures and creative talents.

As times change, some designs are abandoned some styles are remodeled, new designs and styles come up and become the trend. That is the way of the fashion industry. Some other dress codes or styles are also tailor-made for certain activities like sports and exercise kits.

The question that is frequently not asked is, what the source of some of these materials are? Again, most brands and businesses generally are more focused on profit making and not really in the wellbeing of their customers. Well, there is a brand that is focused on this area and much more

Introducing Om and Ah

Founded by Charlotte and Claire, who aside from the desire to be entrepreneurial, wanted to move beyond just selling clothing. Rather they wanted it to be an avenue to show their values and ideals. Having previously been in the media and fashion industry, they both left their various career routes to embark on a new venture.

Again, they are also deeply committed to making their wares from materials that are sourced ethically. This is a core aspect of their organizational vision and mission. Another aspect of their mode of operation is their commitment to fair trade and fair wage practices. 

This commitment affects both their manufacturers and suppliers, you can find out more here

A look at their strategy will show that they took certain steps which anyone aspiring to toe their line should take note of

Identify a Need

Most successful ventures are successful because they meet a gaping need in the society. Thus if your idea or proposed venture is not targeted towards meeting a need, be it in the market or in the society, then there is cause to rethink your current trajectory.

In this particular instance, it was about using ethically sourced materials to make fashionable, luxury but casual wears. It was also a means to show off their ideals and things they stand for, a that has resonated with lots of people in the market.

Have a Business Plan

This plan is to serve as a guide throughout your quest to be a clothing manufacturer. This also helps to clarify and serves as a reminder to you what your own agenda for the business you have started or are about to start.

For both Charlotte and Claire in this particular scenario, it took various meetings and discussions during which they hammered their ideals and plans into a workable business plan for them to function from.

Be Willing To Adapt

Their business venture obviously took a lot of their time and energy at that initial stage which is normal for any fledgling venture. However, they were willing to learn, adapt and make necessary changes by altering some aspects of their mode of operation when the need for that came up.

Even they advise that if necessary, consult a finance expert to advice and help with the financial aspect of things. They even hired a data analyst at some point who helped adjust their advertising strategy and things changed for the better for them. 

For more useful tips that an intending fashion entrepreneur can use in order to run a successful enterprise, you can go to https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-start-a-fashion-brand#how-to-start-a-fashion-brand-in-10-steps-stepbystep-guide

Things to Know about Running a Fashion Brand

It’s not always a rosy affair. There are times when customer will seek to return their purchase. This is why every fashion brand has a return policy. This allows for the return of a product should you make a purchase and it turns out that you are not satisfied with it.

The simple message that this sends is that you are really committed to pleasing and satisfying your customers.

With a return policy which usually has an expiration period, you can either ask for a refund or make an exchange for a more suitable one. One no return or is made within the window allowed for returns the option to exchange or get a refund will no longer be exercisable.

The desire for an innovative and principle driven entrepreneurial venture really is the story of Om and Ah London. Now, the business is on an upward trajectory, garnering customers from different parts of the world not just London.

From every indication, it will continue to grow.


The drive to make a unique impact in the world, is one that can be fulfilled if one is determined and ready to work hard. The fashion world is not an exception to this principle.

It is important also, not to forget your value system because of your business venture. Rather, as we can see from our example, customers appreciate an organization with values.