Telling Our Story


Deregulation of the electricity industry holds so many possibilities with a number of new providers emerging and offering great deals. It was a newly capitalist industry that was perfect for Texas, creating jobs as well as better quality service for customers.

Somewhere down the road, the deals became confusing and customers constantly had to do more and more research to stay savvy and recognize gimmicks. But customers still press on today, becoming more knowledgeable about the industry and expecting more from companies. They know that their business is worth a lot and they want companies to earn it. They want companies to show them their true colors and become more transparent and genuine.

Customers are the reason Brilliant Energy exists. When we came into the market, we wanted to do business around serving customers and be a company they could become part of instead of having to overcome. We set out to help them defeat confusing obstacles and not only meet but exceed their expectations by giving them the service they deserve and more.

As consumers of electricity ourselves, we came in with the same high expectations for companies and applied them to our own set of values. We mentioned in our article on our culture that we have a fun and family-like atmosphere in the office. This personality appeared early on at least partially because of what we wanted to give to customers. As we hired more amazing employees who shared our values, that personality began to have more diverse attributes in the mix. Our diversity gave us the ability to have fresh ideas, keep growing and of course serve our customers in better ways.

Texans are a passionate group of people with a deep love for their community, and part of their expectations for companies is a contribution to the place they call home. As most of us grew up in this great state, we embraced this love for community into the company. Our contributions to the community grow continuously, namely through our Brilliant PetLovers plan which many of our customers signed up for to help us support our local furry friends. Our hand-signed cards are another way we love to interact with both customers and community as a form of what some might call good southern manners.

We’re all about the people who help us succeed, and they’re how and why we started. Every day, we will continue to grow along with our customers’ expectations and be the best electricity provider for the best customers!