The 3 AM Egos: Dog Edition

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We let the dogs out on today’s edition of the 3 AM Egos. Both Kevin and Dan both wanted to discuss a bus riding dog out of Seattle, courtesy of Fox News. A black lab named Eclipse got frustrated with his owner for taking his sweet time smoking a cigarette and decided to catch the bus and meet her owner at the local dog park. Eclipse knows how to board and ride the bus so well that she has made new human friends and her owner doesn’t seem to mind it at all that Eclipse is alone. Now if only I could train my dogs to do that!

Our second topic of the day, comes from The Huffington Post. The next time your dog rolls over on its belly, it may not be for a belly rub. According to new research out of Canada, dogs don’t necessarily roll over in submission, but rather in self defense. The researchers observed that dogs roll over in order to avoid neck bites or to attack the opposing dog in non play circumstances. Even wolves, dogs ancestors will do the same thing when they are not playing.