The 3 Indispensable Rules Of Branding


It goes without saying that branding is important in business, and that’s why there is never a shortage of advice on how to do it correctly. For your business, the brand might be an afterthought; you want to be known for delivering quality products and services, and let other, flashier businesses take the attention for their branding skills. There is, however, no getting around the fact that to gain a reputation in the first place, you have to stand out. Which brings us back to branding.


Branding is one of those parts of business that can, very much, go either way. If done correctly, it can garner all the right kind of attention and pull in new customers. If you get it wrong, then it can do as much harm as it does good. So it is worth adhering to a few specific rules about branding that will help your business stay on the right side of the equation.


Make it simple


We’ve all played around with the fonts on our laptop from time to time; we’ve probably all nearly sent an email in Wingdings as a result. There is something to be said for a charming font that looks ornate and evokes ideas of glamor and style. However, when it comes to branding, serifs and curlicues are not what’s important. It is far more vital that your brand logo be readable, so potential customers know who and what they are asking for.


Make it prominent (to a point)


Your business brand should be repeated to the point where it becomes imprinted on a potential customer’s mind. You want, ideally, that they should be thinking of your company without even realizing that they are. That is something that only comes with repetition, so get your logo in front of their eyes at every opportunity. If you sell CBD products, get your logo all over your preroll packaging. If you sell coffee, print it prominently on the bags and in the cardboard packaging in which you send them. The one exception? If you are replying to letters of complaint, then don’t spam the customer with branding; at best it will be seen as cynical, at worst it will remind them who they’re complaining about.


Make it consistent


One reason it is so important to get your branding right is that you don’t want to have to redo it at a later date. As signs of a failing business go, a rebrand might not be a smoking gun, but it does hint at a worrying lack of certainty. As noted above, you want the brand to be something indivisible from your company, so if you keep tinkering with it you’re inevitably going to turn off potential customers. The biggest brands on the planet from the pre-Internet age all have immediately recognizable logos and messaging that haven’t changed in decades. Keep that in mind.


When you come up with the right branding for your company, you’ll have something that makes everything about your business feel more permanent and assured. So put a lot of thought into getting it just right, and you’ll be all the happier with the result.