The 5 Most In-Demand IT Skills For 2020


With technology developing so quickly, it’s important to stay on your toes and keep learning as many new skills as possible to ensure your success in the IT business. 


It’s never been easier to find efficient, affordable online or in-person IT courses to scratch up on old techniques or learn the latest IT skills. But it can be difficult to know how best to spend your time.


So if you’re looking for some ideas, check out the list below for the five most in demand IT skills to invest in for 2020. 



Cybersecurity and data protection are a major concern in every single industry, as reports of cyber attacks continue to escalate year-by-year. 


It’s also a rapidly evolving IT specialism in high demand across the board – there simply aren’t enough Cyber-certified professionals to fill the available positions. So if it’s an area which interests you, get the training – it’s well worth the investment.  


Cloud Computing 


Cloud skills are always in high demand and as a result, cloud salaries are some of (if not the) highest in IT. But cloud tech has also affected – and continues to have significant influence on – just about every other area of IT.


Data analytics, project management, cybersecurity, networking—all have been greatly influenced by cloud adoption. So it’s a skill that transfers across boundaries and makes for a great time investment. VMware Training and other courses can be accessed easily online or in-person, according to your needs. 


App Development 


Developers are similarly still in high demand and app developer and software developer jobs are forecast to keep growing.


Developers are responsible for web, social and mobile applications and as more people conduct business on their phones, the skills to build and manage apps are ever increasing. 


Top programming languages like SQL, C#, Python and JavaScript are also some of the most mentioned skills in job listings. 





IT workloads get higher every year and with so much to do, the scramble is on to develop programs that automate the more time-consuming, menial duties. Enter artificial intelligence.


Cloud migration has amplified the need for automation. With a majority of organizations shifting to the cloud, manual migration tasks have been automated to save time. 


Automation reduces the arduous tasks of manual configuration, extensive customization, and in many cases, integration. And at the end of the day, time is money. 



Analytics and data management are growing skill needs as organizations strive to be more data-driven. This culture of information allows for better insight into patterns and trends, and requires creative thinking to find the most innovative solutions.  


Critical business decisions are made with data as the driving force. IT professionals with these skills are tasked with helping organizations solve problems and make more informed evaluations. 


It’s another skill that transfers across the board into multiple industries, so well worth getting acquainted – it could lead to any number of interesting and lucrative places. 


And there we have it. It’s never been easier to learn new skills and keep on top of the latest trends. There’s no such thing as time-wasting when it comes to learning, but these five areas are set to prove crucial in the years ahead.