The 7 Most Common Uses of Canopies


If you are a business owner, then you know the importance of showcasing your brand and building relationships! There are a few investments like canopy tents that can help you make lasting impressions over and over. When you can utilize
the same canopy tent at different marketing events; then this type of promotion can be invaluable. Here are 7 events in which to get the most use out of your custom-made canopy tent.

1. Grand Opening!

A commercial grand opening is imperative to a successful company! The kiss of death in any business (especially a new one) is non-visibility! Canopy tents are a great way of making yourself seen and introducing your business to the
community. A grand opening is a time to go BIG and show everyone what your company is about and what it has to offer. What better way is there to make a first impression!

2. Anniversary Sales

It is extremely challenging to keep a business running! A lot of businesses have collapsed before they make the 3-5-year mark. If your business has been fortunate enough to avoid that hurdle what better way to celebrate than having an Anniversary sale! Anniversary sales by use of canopy tents are a way of thanking your loyal customers while making your business noticeable to potential consumers as well.

3. Community Events

Pop quiz! What does a neighborhood picnic, a block party or any other community event has in common? Answer: a lot of people! Community events are a great opportunity to promote your business around a lot of people that are in good spirits and therefore are more inclined to hear what you have to say.

4. Business Conventions

Business conventions shows can be exciting yet cutthroat. You are competing with other businesses to be seen and heard. These are moments where a business can get lost in all the chaos and saturation of its competitors. That’s where an impressive and professional pop up canopy tent with your brand’s logo can rise to the challenge and do the talking for you!

5. Trade Shows

A trade show is an event where one can promote their business to potential and existing clientele. A unique trade show booth can attract the initial hello and handshake. It can create interest and make people curious about what you’re
offering. It can set you apart from all the others and help make connections that can lead to new business.

6. Music Festivals

Music festivals are not only fun, but they attract A LOT of music lovers and other creatives. Some of the well-known music festivals can bring in over half a million people from all over in attendance! This is the type of exposure that aspiring and established businesses dream of. Even smaller festivals are a great chance to promote your brand. There is no reason why your gazebo and company’s logo should not be among the many extending your consumer base.

7. Tailgating

Tailgating is another great way of being a part of the community by showcasing your favorite team via your canopy tent! Root for your team while having a good time with family and friends (old and new). What’s better than enjoying a good tailgating party while promoting your business and making some professional connections? Not a bad day in the office as far as I’m concerned. If you own a business and you have not taken advantage of any of these outdoor
events, then what are you waiting for? There is no other promotion like it and virally no limit to where you can go and how you can utilize your custom-made canopy tent! It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to put your company
out there to the masses and achieve much needed visibility while obtaining your overall goal of generating revenue.