The ADV3NTURE Hoodie and its ADV3NTURE


Zane Lamprey is Founder and CEO of the ADV3NTURE Hoodie and the ADV3NTURE company.


Tell us how ADV3NTURE became your next business venture.

“In 2007 I was the host of Three Sheets, an international drinking travelogue on MojoHD, Travel Channel, Fine Living Network and Spike (the show survived several network closings). For the four seasons that the show was on the air, I had a successful apparel business based off of a little stuffed monkey who was the mascot of the show. I did t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts.

When the show went off the air, I called Mark Cuban, who I knew was a fan of the show. I pitched him on a domestic version of Three Sheets, called Drinking Made Easy. He said “Let’s do it” and so the show aired on his HDNet channel for three seasons. During that time, I expanded my apparel line to include custom hoodies, coolers and some other products that I invented.

When Mark decided to rebrand his HDNet “men’s network” into AXS.TV, a LIVE music channel, I was again left looking for a network to pay for my travels and bar tabs. When none bought the show, I decided to bring the idea to Kickstarter. After an arduous campaign, I successfully Kickstarted Chug, the first crowd-funded televisions series in history. We raised $591,804 and made six episodes episodes of another international drinking show. When we were done shooting, National Geographic Channel bought and aired the episodes.

A year later, I launched a campaign for The Drinking Jacket, which was the evolution of the sweatshirt that I had been developing for many years. That campaign raised $574,630 and became the fourth highest apparel campaign in Kickstarter history. I’m very proud of my milestones.”

What makes ADV3NTURE a leader in the outdoor apparel industry?

“ADV3NTURE is my new brand. It’s a line of outdoor and travel apparel, to be followed up with bags and accessories. I’m not going to call us leaders in our industry, as we are veritable neophytes and the leaders combine for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. BUT, it is certainly something we strive for, and if the success of our Kickstarter campaign is any indication, we’re certainly on our way.”

What contributions have you made towards the world, and how do you plan to continue that with ADV3NTURE?

“As a comedian and TV host, I’ve brought people a momentary escape from the confusion and conflicts of every day life. I have been told by hundreds of people how I brought them laughter and entertainment during a dark time in their life, or while they were overseas fighting for freedom, or that they have many great memories of watching my shows with a lost loved one. Those comments affect me deeply. What I am for in the future, and with ADV3NTURE being a part of it, I want to continue to entertain people and make them laugh, but I also want to draw attention to the environment, wildlife and our National Parks. I can’t save the world (at least I don’t think I can), but I can certainly do my part and try.”

Who has influenced youth become the person you are today?

“I’m a sponge. I’m influence by someone every day. As far as business leaders, I have gotten incredible advice from Mark Cuban, Pat Croce, Jim Koch, George Clooney and Elon Musk— all extremely successful people in their fields. The older I get, the more I realize I know, so I am always on a quest for knowledge.”

What key qualities do you look for in your team?

“They need to earn a spot. I don’t make it easy to get into my organization. But when someone does, I try to be encouraging of new ideas, I like people to challenge mine, and I like to reward people for hard work. I don’t work a 9 to 5. When I’m awake, I’m working, even if it’s just in my head. I expect people who work for me to have that same start-up mentality.”

Words of advice:

“Work is the reward. I’m blessed to be able to work as hard as I do at something I love. If you don’t love what you do, stop doing it. Passion, for anything, needs to be your driving force. If you don’t have passion, you’re just getting by, and that’s no way to live.”





Contributed by: Super Julie Braun

Written/Edited By: Lisa Cody