The Answer Is Between The Interview Questions


When it comes to employing colleagues, most of us focus on the questions we ask in our interviews. These are the heart of the matter, aren’t they? Whether you ask what they had for breakfast, or why they want to work for your company; the way a candidate answers is a sure sign whether they’d fit in your team. So, no one can deny that questions are crucial, and you should spend time thinking about them.

But, to say the questions are the only telling thing about a candidate would be wrong. In truth, questions are the surface of the matter. If you want a real chance at picking the best applicants, look between the question lines. What your candidates don’t tell you upfront is as important as what they do. So, as well as asking the right things, you should also pay attention to the following.


The resume


Many employers simply give resumes a brief glance. And, when you’ve just posted a job, you’ll have no choice but to do the same. But, when you narrow things down, really look at what’s in those resumes. Look out for essential qualifications or experience points. Read through the personal section to see whether they have the character you’re after. Make sure, too, to come back to these resumes after you’ve met the applicants. To make sure none of these go missing in the interim, turn to HR automation as offered by companies like DataServ. That way, you can access each one with ease when you need it. Then, read through each keeping in mind what you learnt during the interview. This is the best shot you have of gaining a complete idea of each colleague.

The appearance


In life, we’re told not to judge a book by its cover. And, you may bring that attitude to your employment process. But, when it comes to hiring, appearance isn’t such a bad thing to go by. For one, this person will represent your business. If they don’t look the part, they could send the wrong message to customers. And, that’s not what you want. On a more fundamental level, the clothes someone wears, and the way they’ve prepared for the interview, will also tell you a lot. A candidate in a suit is a much better pick than the person who turned up in jeans and a hoodie. These little signifiers can take you a long way in understanding that person’s work ethic.

The body language


You also need to keep an eye on body language. In many ways, this can tell you far more about someone than the answers they give. The way someone holds themselves tells you whether they’re confident or shy. Body language can also give you clues as to whether someone is lying or exaggerating their abilities. You should also pay attention to whether the applicant seems confrontational or open. These are things your customers will notice, so make sure you get there before body language costs you business.