The Art of Compelling Business Communication on Social Media Platform


With the overall world statistics, it has been found that around 98% of the companies are presently active on various social media sites, which include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and others. Today, social media has a significant influence on the life of people, and we can hardly even think of a day without social platforms. Similarly, social media had also brought a vast impact in the communication system. The communication system preferred by companies years ago to communicate with their customers are now completely obsolete. There are a number of consumer focus social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. They primarily serve as communication channels for companies to communicate with consumers as well as consumers to other consumers.


On the other hand, the above mentioned social media networks do not work well when it comes to the employee to employee communication or business to business communication. Consumer focus social media networks usually have a specific role to play in business communication, but the significant role they play is known as enterprise social media that enterprise social intranets.


Specific social network groups


Basically, there are around three specific social network groups. Companies that have successfully integrated social business strategy should ensure that all these three groups should be used in order to enhance the communication system with various factions.


Social intranets are customer communities which are used for collaboration and in-depth communication with customers as well as private business to business network.


Public social networks like Twitter and Facebook are known for being the best solutions for creating contact with prospective and current customers.


Enterprise social networks or ESN are highly effective tools that are used for internal company collaboration and communication. They are also termed as enterprise social media applications.


Out of the three network types available, the internal employee social networks available for businesses provide the best potential for the business value. Moreover, an internal social network is an internal workplace switch streamlines the communication system between coworkers. This directly provides employees with a sense of online community and also assists them in creating connections between the various departments.


VARS will require showing the customers how the ESN technology can be easily integrated into the present communication tools as well as how it can enhance efficiency and productivity. It is expected that for vendors who can use ESN tools successfully, there is a huge growth opportunity in the market.


When it comes to ESN sales, simplicity is known for being the fundamental essence. Businesses use a number of existing collaboration and communication tools. Employees are directly entrenched in the consumer based social media tools. Thus, making it completely and likely that companies will show eagerness to invest in enterprise social software separately. Rather, firms would like to view how these high-end Technologies will impact their business corporate culture and efficiency.


Eminent industry leaders agree to the factor that enterprise social networking adoption helps in improving the ROI, increases productivity as well as reduces cost. Changes to behavior and user adoption are the major keys of gaining these advantages. We need to help the organization by simply identifying the business issues is the need to resolve, integrating the ESN option into the present infrastructure, selecting the best tool required for doing so, demonstrating the best possible practices, analyzing the selected cultural transformation and determining the stumbling blocks for participation. With Baltimore SEO you can easily take your online business to the next level.

According to the survey, around 96% of the marketers are presently using social media for marketing their goods and services, whereas, 85% of them are unaware of the tools which will fit the best for them.


Here, we are going to discuss the benefits of using social media for business marketing, which will definitely help you to diminish your confusion level.


More inbound traffic


When you do not use social media to market your business goods and services, then the inbound traffic is simply just limited to the usual customers. People who are familiar with your brand name are likely searching with the help of the same keywords that you have already ranked for. Without making proper use of social media as a part of the marketing strategy, you will find it very difficult to reach new customers outside your loyal client circle.


The higher rate of conversion


With the help of increased visibility now your business can get more opportunities for conversion. You can now use the blog, post, video, image, and comments to lead the viewers to your official website in order to increase traffic. With the help of social media marketing, you can give your business a positive impression through the humanization factor. When the brands become interactive by posting statuses, sharing content as well as commenting, it simply personifies the brands.


People prefer to use social media to get in touch with their family, friends, and communities. So, now when people are already communicating, then they can even introduce their brand into this mix. More likely they will mention the name of your brand to their friend or relative when your services and products and required. Overall, this will provide your business with a social proof of quality.


Increased Awareness of your brand


Social media is known for being one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways of marketing for your business. This digital marketing method makes use of quality content and ensures quick visibility of your business. If you implement a social media network strategy, then it will help you to get brand recognition greatly because it will enable you to engage with a pool of audience. By simply spending just a few hours every week you can give wide exposure to your business over the social networking channels. You will get benefit only even if you have a single social media page. With regular use, you can definitely generate a broad audience base for your business.


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