The Best Types of Promotional Products



In today’s highly competitive commercial world, it’s more important than ever for companies to engage in proactive, positive marketing – to put their firm front and center of clients and project the best image.


One of the best ways to both ingratiate your firm in the eyes of clients and make a lasting impression is by investing in promotional freebies – items branded with your company emblem and tagline to send a clear message to your customers. Here are just a few promotional products you could consider to help with the marketing and branding of your firm.


Branded pens, pencils and other writing instruments


OK, so a huge amount of what we write is done online and on devices these days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a place for a good old time-honored pen in our lives. Most of us still use traditional writing instruments to take notes, make lists or write reminders so investing in a branded pen or similar writing instrument can help keep your company at the front of clients’ minds better than almost any other promotional item.


Diaries, notebooks and journals


Unless you can type at the speed of speech, there is simply no substitute for a notebook or journal in a meeting to take notes to remind you of the key, most salient points. Likewise, while many of us have moved to using online or device-based diaries and reminders, it can still be eminently useful to have a paper copy of what you have to get done – or did. Sending out notebooks, journals or diaries to your clients with your logo, contact details and perhaps a little bit about your firm will be appreciated by your customers and also leave a long-lasting, frequently referenced reminder of your business. Seek out companies like to get your brand logo onto the front of notebooks and journals.


Hats, beanies and baseball caps with your logo


Not all promotional goods have to be purely functional. Indeed, some of the best branding and marketing can be achieved by giving your clients less work-oriented goods to make them form a greater association with your brand. Hats, beanies and baseball caps featuring your logo don’t just look good – they also work as an effective additional marketing medium, particularly if your clients wear them in front of other potential and existing customers.


T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies


Much like hats, branded t-shirts or sweatshirts can allow you to express a little artistic creativity while also helping to build a connection between your firm and its clients. And, again much like hats, if your clients wear these goods, they’ll effectively end up promoting your company for free.


Cups and mugs


For many people, the day simply doesn’t start before they’ve had their obligatory morning coffee or cup of tea. Whether your clients use your branded cup at work or at home, having your logo in front of customers on an item they use regularly can invoke a reminder to reach out and contact you.


Bags and backpacks


The best promotional items are those that provide a specific benefit and are used regularly, making bags and backpacks a tremendous choice for building your brand. A bag featuring your logo will be both useful and practical for your clients and can also send a powerful marketing message if you use modern screen-printing techniques to add prominence to your logo.