The Best Ways To Make A Living From Search Engines


Search engines have helped to create a massive online industry during the last ten years. Indeed, there are now many jobs that wouldn’t have existed were it not for the likes of Google. We’ve listed a few of the most popular career choices on this page today. Hopefully, reading about them will help you to find the perfect job in the future.



  • SEO



You could become an SEO expert if you wanted to work in this industry. Your daily duties would involve improving ranking for clients around the world. The infographic attached to this post should highlight some of the basic tasks you might perform.



  • Content Marketing



Content marketing is a pretty new concept, but companies are spending thousands every single year. People working in that field create informative articles that include a backlink to client’s websites. The more backlinks they receive; the better their ranking should become.



  • PPC Advertising



Lots of business owners outsource Adwords PPC management these days. That is because they know it takes a lot of expertise to create positive results. Working in that arena could mean you handle great clients spending thousands every day.

There are also many other ways you could make a living from search engines, so don’t stop your research here. The industry is growing every week, and there are plenty opportunities for someone with the right skills. You might have to head back to college to score the top roles. However, it will be worth the effort when you see your first wage slip.





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