The Business Logistics Manifesto


The thing about commercial businesses is that many rely significantly on their own, or an outsourced logistics service. This is because, for anyone trying to get physical products from the warehouse to the client that have been ordered online, the delivery is just as crucial as any other aspect of the business. That means logistics is a vital and below you will find the ultimate manifesto on how to deal with all thing transport related.




First of all, let’s consider the option of outsourcing your logistics. This is only really going to work if you have a small to medium sized company. As otherwise, the costs would be so high that it’s would be worth investing the money into running the transport and deliveries yourself.


There are many professional companies out here that can offer this service for you. Although it’s always best to pick one that has parcel tracking provided to both you and the client. As this can eliminate a lot of unnecessary calls and enquiries because it is possible for the customer to lookup the location of the package under their own steam.


So while it may be a little more expensive, the costs do balance out, because your employee’s time isn’t taken up with fielding unnecessarily calls or emails.


Records and stock


However, you may decide to run your own logistics department. If so then one thing that you must get spots on is the records and stock monitoring.


Luckily, this can now be done digitally by scanning barcodes. Something that not only cuts down the time it takes to do the job but also makes it easier to keep a tab on everything.




Of course running your own logistic department is not without its risks, and the cost of these must be factored into the budget for it to be an economically viable option.


In particular, driving large trucks and 18 wheelers come with the certain problems, as they can cause devastating damage when involved in an accident. Something that can be very costly and bad for your company’s reputation if it is blamed on your driver.


If something like this occurs, it’s best to contact a truck injury lawyer straight away. This is because they will be able to gather as much evidence as possible from the site, with which to argue your case.


Time crunch


Also, don’t forget that in logistics; time is money. That means everything that you send out is on a time scale, and any little delay can cause a problem further down the line. To avoid this as much as possible your processes and checks need to be very tight.




Lastly, it also worth noting that large trucks are not cheap to buy or to run. That means if you are looking to have a fleet of vehicles in action it will take a significant amount of money to start up in the first place.

Obviously, this needs to be costed properly and then compared to the long-term price for getting an outsourced company to do it for you. Then you will be able to see which is truly the most cost effective option for your businesses.