The Cost Of Business Inattention


It’s easy to come less-than-attentive when running a business. Most people have received the memo by now – running a business is hard! It takes time to build, it can divert your attention from one place to another, and business challenges truly keep you occupied. Even skilled managers miss something from time to time, and you can bet that business leaders can sometimes forget to keep their finger on the pulse.


That being said, this understandable challenge in no way revokes how necessary it is to restore the cost of business inattention ahead of time. But to achieve that, you need to be aware as to what those effects can be, and just how damaging you may find them. After all, in order to enact any worthwhile change in business, you need to look at things from the most clinical perspective possible. We believe we can help you achieve exactly that. Using the following advice, we hope to make this process less of a mystical art and more of a practical reality you can start paying attention to right now:


Bad Employees


Failing to pay attention during your recruitment process can, unfortunately, harm your process thoroughly. A bad apple can be a security and financial risk, harm your image, and generally cost you plenty of time and resources unwinding, firing, and rehiring for said role. This is why simple checks, such as employee drug tests by Checkr can help you gain the clearest possible picture of who you are hiring, and ask them about the things you turn up. This may not necessarily prevent you from hiring someone right off the bat, but it can show you indiscretion, and that’s important to consider.


Becoming Out-Of-Touch


Becoming out of touch with your audience can be a real problem. It might be that the culture has changed since you last released a product, or that your business name is less popular than you think it is, or that the effects of a previous PR nightmare are still ongoing. It’s important to conduct deep market research everytime you make a decision to ensure that things are cared for and the practical service you apply is always as sharp as can be.


Ignoring Office Culture


All offices have their own culture, comprised of the staff that are part of your team. It’s important to pay attention to this. Is your smart-casual office communicative? Is there an icy atmosphere? Do you have important human resources systems in place to prevent any form of workplace harassment? How might you ensure that the team can gel together well, such as using team building activities to help them bond outside of the office? It’s questions like this that can help you prevent a toxic situation from developing, because no one wishes to run a firm in which that is the case.


With these tips, you’re certain to understand and prevent the cost of business inattention.