The Digital Marketing Trends for 2017



The way businesses market themselves has changed over time. Newspaper ads and TV commercials can now be considered as a thing of the past. In the coming years these ads and commercials will be replaced with marketing strategies aimed at the new generation.

Here are some of the digital marketing trends expected to rise this 2017.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for many years. This year it will continue to expand and will go beyond the usual blog posts. Content writing will be an essential part of digital marketing and can even provide a lot of jobs to excellent writers. High-quality content will be in demand as people would want to read new and exciting content. If you want your business to be marketed effectively, then you need great content for you to stand out in the ocean of online write-ups.

The Rise of Short Videos

YouTube was just once a site where you can make and upload your videos for other people to see. Now it has become a vibrant platform for marketers. Creative videos made by social media influencers can be used to promote products and brands such as customized tents for sports. Videos made by independent creators have a far reach and cost less. Videos on YouTube and other video streaming sites will become great marketing platforms this year and in the future.

SEO Strategies

Like content marketing, SEO or search engine optimization has been around ever since getting a top ten search engine ranking would translate to more clients and income. In order for your site and business to become more accessible, you will need to optimize it so people can easily see it whether they are using their desktops or their mobile devices. People are now shifting from their laptops and desktops to their mobile phones, so you will need to have a mobile-friendly site.

Analytics and Big Data Will Play Key Roles

Another digital marketing trend that is expected this 2017 is the use of analytics and big data. The use of analytics will help businesses determine which areas they should target to maximize their marketing efforts. This will help companies cut down cost while at the same time be more effective in marketing their brand and products.

Personalized Customer Marketing

Another area where analysis of big data can affect the marketing trend is through a personalized customer marketing experience. Big data can reveal what a customer likes to watch and read. Marketing will become a one-on-one endeavor where it is tailored for a certain customer. This will be useful in trying to send a more relatable and understandable message to a potential customer.

Viral Content

One of the most effective ways to get a business going is by keeping it on top of search engines. There are a lot of ways to do this. However, recent changes made by search engines, Google in particular, now require businesses not only to be creative and have high quality content but also one that is viral and can easily gain a person’s interest. Publishing viral content can truly help a business rank better in search engines. Also, it is important to know that Google will now penalize websites that have pop-ups and poor content.

These are only some of the digital marketing trends for 2017. A lot could happen in the next few months and as search engines and other marketing platforms adjust to these trends, it is important for businesses that heavily rely on digital marketing to keep up with the change. In the end, investing in the right digital marketing strategy can go a long way in helping a business achieve its goals.