The Facts about U.S. Online Gambling Law in 2019


Online gambling regulation in the U.S. is not straightforward. The issue has its origins in the fact that gambling is legal under Federal law. However, each state is free to regulate what happens within their own borders.

In some U.S. states, online gambling in all forms is illegal, while there are states where all forms of online gambling are legalized.  While online casinos in New Jersey and online sportsbooks are legal, in other states, some forms of online gambling are legal, and others are not. Others have passed legislation at the individual state level in order to regulate online wagering in the future.

Following the overturn of the Federal sports betting ban by the U.S. Supreme Court in May 2018, online sports betting is leading the way as a beacon for online casinos to follow.

Here is the current state-of-play (as at 17 October 2019) with online betting in the U.S, as the winds of legislative change blow across the nation;

New Jersey

New Jersey allows online sports betting and licensed online casinos.


Sports betting online available, and Nevada has online poker betting options.


Delaware has inactive online sports betting laws, and legal online casinos since 2013.


Pennsylvania has enjoyed legal sports betting since May 2019 and online casinos followed only six weeks later.

West Virginia

West Virginia began legal online sports betting in March 2019, and an inactive law online casino law passed the same month.


Indiana’s first legal online sportsbooks went live on October 3 2019. Online Casinos are prohibited.


Iowa’s online sportsbooks went live in August 2019 and online casinos are not allowed.


Tennessee have passed exclusive online sports betting laws ONLY (Yet to be launched).

Rhode Island

No legal online casinos exist in the Ocean State. Rhode Island has a lone online sportsbook open since September 2019.


Mississippi allows for mobile sports betting only (no online casino betting) within land-based casino grounds.


Without online casinos, the Oregon State Lottery launched online sports betting in October 2019.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s first online sportsbook is expected in March 2020, while online casinos remain prohibited.


Illinois passed online sports betting laws only in 2019. A launch will occur in 2020.

Washington DC

The District of Columbia has online sports betting, while legal online casino legalized betting seems a way off.